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Mar 8, 2011

Spring has SPRUNG Yall

  • Grizzlies are Growing it out - "The Grizzlies are growing out playoff beards. The deal was struck amongst the team prior to the San Antonio game. As I understand it, you were allowed to shave before the Spurs game if you chose to and will not be allowed to shave your beard until the Grizzlies have officially clinched a playoff spot."


The Grizzlies came up short in the "Grizzlies Honor the Return of Shane Battier" game which I attended with my family in my only Grizzlies game of the season. But that was sandwiched between wins against San Antonio, Dallas, and OKC. Ok that's 3 of the best 4 teams in the west… And ZBO isn't an allstar? How many game winners has Kevin Love hit lately? What about Blake Griffin?

The Grizz are right in there! It's probably better that none of the Grizzlies players were in Los Angeles for the allstar game actually. They instead took the time to focus as a team and focus on their training. You can see a remarkable improvement despite the fact that Rudy Gay is out with an injury. The NBA TV guys said it at halftime last night, they thought the young Grizz could be written off when Gay went out. Instead the guys stepped up and the result is 7 wins out of their last 10 games!

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