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Mar 24, 2011

Felt like I was Wrestling with a Grizzly Bear the whole game

“Wrestling with Zach, it felt like I was wrestling with a grizzly bear the whole game,’’ Garnett said.

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  2. Tillery Article - Memphis's take
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“Leon Powe was the baddest man on the planet tonight,’’ Rivers said. “It’s not like they tricked us with Leon’s sets. They gave him the ball and said, ‘Just go drive through somebody and score on them.’ That’s basically what he did.’’
"Sweet child, where do we go now?" That's what the one-man acoustic crooner sang last night as I watched the Grizzlies at the local watering hole in late March. This is definitely the time of year when NBA action cranks up. March Madness is in full effect with the sweet16 getting underway tonight, and the NCAA field reduces to the Final Four by the end of this weekend. Only this time of year folks are hitting it full steam in preparation for the end the school year, the end of a long season, or the beginning of a new season of work in my case. Sweet child of mine, it's game time!
Many are called, few are chosen. It was never going to be an easy road. The elite teams are usually in the big markets, like Boston. That's why hundreds of girls lined up for cheerleading tryouts yesterday: Now the Grizzlies are full of champs. They have a dog in the fight now. They got a runner-up national champ at point guard (Mike Conley, Ohio State). They got a Silver Medal Olympic Basketball player at center (Marc Gasol, España). At power-forward you have another NCAA Final Four leader who's also tasted the playoffs his rookie year in the NBA (Zach Randolph, Michigan State). The current starting shooting guard is a 2008 NBA Champion (Tony Allen, Boston Celtics). The small-forward was MVP of the BigEast Championship in 2008, as he lead his team to win that contest (Sam Young, Pittsburgh).
Where do we go? We going to play this game. And yes, it's going to be so sweet!

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