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Mar 11, 2011



If you have not ever seen it, and you are a Grizzlies fanatic like me, you have to check out the Grizzlies game notes:

I believe these are put out for the talking heads and media personnel to read so they don't come across sounding ignorant when calling the games or discussing the Grizzlies in public, etc. Someone puts a lot of work into it! I tend to steal a lot of ideas from here myself so I definitely want to give it up for them! The title of this post is from there - go read it.
One fine excerpt:
TONY ALLEN‟S CRAZY NUMBERS Tony Allen has been a game-changer for Memphis this season, wreaking havoc on defense and subsequently creating more opportunities for the Grizzlies on offense… Long regarded as one of the league’s best defenders, Allen has topped himself this year, posting the 21st-highest steals-per-48-minute average (4.25) in NBA history (min. 1,000 minutes played)… That’s over one steal ahead of second-place Chris Paul this season and the highest number the NBA has seen since Randy Brown in 1994-95… Only one other active NBA player has ever had a single season averaging at least four steals per 48 minutes – Ron Artest (4.12 in 2001-02).
Grizzlies news: We are bad ass!!!!! Ranked #5 on March 7th - this was before the Knicks loss but still bodes well. Look out Miami! Prediction for Saturday night's game in Miami:

W I N N I N G. Ninja style.

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