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Feb 10, 2011

Rubio's Poot Shoot

Well that's a relief. I thought his poot was going to keep him overseas.

In other news.

How about them GRIZZZZZLIES!?!??!!?

Jason Williams - PG #2

Jason Williams was kind of a rogue agent in Memphis. He was starting point guard but he still played like he was the backup energy guy. He had more skills than anyone on the court each night but he didn't always follow team concepts. He was a showboater and a deadly wild card. At times we could not buy a bucket and he'd knock down a trey at the beginning of the shot clock to get us back in the game, then next possession he'd throw the ball out of bounds or something. What can you say, a love-hate relationship? I always thought he needed to be replaced for us to go further in the playoffs, but today is many years past then. We're a different team and he's a different player.

He's older than Star Wars! The original!

"But that dont make it junk." -Leonard Cohen.

1 comment:

J-Bo said...

Well, maybe if he smokes some poot his basketball shoot will be upgraded...