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Feb 1, 2011

10 Great Sports Movies

  1. Slapshot

  2. Major League

  3. Shao Lin Soccer

  4. Cool Runnings

  5. The Horsemen

  6. The Endless Summer

  7. Hoop Dreams

  8. Gleaming the Cube

  9. BASEketball

  10. RAD

  11. The Wrestler

this list goes to eleven


J-Bo said...

12. High School Musical.


Chip Crain said...

How can you not have Field of Dreams, Rudy, SlapShot or Hoosiers on your list????

vanjulio said...

SlapShot #1.

Rudy... I made a decision not to include football movies. I don't think I've actually watched Hoosiers! :(

As far as field of dreams, a league of their own, white men can't jump, the mighty ducks, bad news bears, other classics, I decided to go instead with titles that people may not have heard of!

I do regret leaving off Happy Gilmore though...