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Dec 23, 2010

Give back, have a big heart, and care

The Grizzlies aren't tearing up the standings right now. There's discontent in Round Town right now. It's not looking great for the Memphis Tigers to win against Georgetown tonight either... Who cares?

It's entertaining. It's fun. We're all in this together in some way. The Republican Party of the United States may not want you to think that way or believe it. But we are all in it together. We can be a strong nation and have progress. There is still the possibility that tomorrow is better than today. Let's get after it Nation of Grizzlam!


Dec 17, 2010

Hide or Seek?

  • Yao Ming career is over - time to move on. Right through them Rockets tonight.

    "You only exist out here because of me!"

    "Then the BAD THING happened..." -Yao on being posterized by Dhantay Jones

    Grizzlies have a little win streak going on. Let's roll it into 2011 and blow this shit up. Having a BLUE BLUE BLUE Christmas in New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston most of all. Look for me running down your street in my blue Grizzlies Santa Hat.

  • Dec 16, 2010

    What would you do?

    sink or swim?

    fight or flight?

    play or be played?

    hero or zero?

    tied down or let loose?

    put up or shut up?

    go big or go home?

    kill or be killed?

    Dec 1, 2010

    Rabbit Rabbit Hump Day

    Wednesday, December 1st

    Don't tase me bro

    My predictions were true. Grizz win at home and Lakers go home 3x losers. Give me a cookie!

    "The sky is the limit" - Rudy Gay after beating Lakers.

    Now tonight it's an excellent face off: a track meet. ATL just slammed Toronto Sunday and had all these days off. The Raptors. But remember these Hawks have been flaky - they were 8-7 in Nov. They lost to New Jersey. They have malcontents on their bench. Grizz need to steal a win here. They're due for it.

    Losers Row