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Nov 9, 2010

Bear Claw in my Soup


How art thou Bear Claws, in my soup?

Rudy Gay

He's setting franchise records in scoring. He's becoming a leader. He's playing great defense!

Marc Gasol

He's playing grande. He exerts the soul of the bear. Pau is having an MVP year. Marc's the great little hermano.

O.J. Mayo

This little Grizzly hit the money ball when they kicked it out. Now they won't sleep on him anymore. "I've started every game of my career and blasting nearly 50% from yonder." He knows each meal begins with defense.

Zach Randolph

20 and 20. Contusion? Grizzlies should be undefeated with ZBO's return. All but 4 seconds worth of 1 game.

Mike Conley

The bear claw is like the cat claw, only bigger. And it tastes great! Allstars?

1 comment:

J-Bo said...

hhahaha nice picks!