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Nov 30, 2010

Perfect Storm – Lakers @ Grizzzzzz

Nov. 30th - FedEx Forum
Lakers come to town in wintry Memphis.

Right now it's getting blanketed, at least it appears that way from the viewpoint of the heavens:

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  • 3 SOB's pregame analysis - Phil JAckson, the man who once described Memphis as "Dresden after the war". What the hell?

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  • My predictions for this game are joyous winning for Grizzlies, coupled with a harrowing episode of anger and disdainful losing by the Lakers.

    OJ Mayo for 6th man of year. :D
    Mike Conley Jr Most Improved.
    Rudy Gay + ZBO Allstars.
    Hollins Coach of the Year. :D
    Xavier Henry Rookie of the Year.

    We got it covered! Am I wrong?

    Nov 22, 2010

    Statistics Avators for 2009-2010

    Garnett, Gasol, Gasol. How true.


    Grizzlies are slow out of hibernation this season, especially OJ Mayo. On the bright side Rudy Gay and Mike Conley are earning their new contracts. There have been a lot of very close games that should have been won, including a devastating OT against Boston and a 2OT in Phoenix. The Grizzlies can right this ship and we'll get back to amazing things.

    Kevin Garnett on the loss to league low Toronto Raptors on Sunday, "On paper they might not be whatever but as far as talent, this league has a lot of talent and you’ve got to respect that.” I think the Grizzlies have won respect since 2008. Now it's about going out there and competing.

    The three year plan by Michael Heisely is somewhat laughable and frustrating because we obviously are not where they told us we'd be. We're a team that would only get to the playoffs by luck and would get completely blown away in a 4 game series. The silver lining is that they are a team that's exciting and does compete on most nights.

    As a fan, it's soul crushing to think "what if?". Our offseason consisted of resign of Rudy Gay (keeping the course), haggling over the rookie contracts (good for the future but non-factor for present season success), and the signing of Tony Allen (an end of the bench guy, role-player, not going to move into starting lineup probably ever). It's a shame a team like this could have all the success they have with their stars (Mayo, ZBO, Gasol, Gay), but then have nothing but knuckleheads on the bench. There just isn't enough firepower on the team and it boils down to MONEY, the true evil of modern society, which is sickening. "It is what it is"… Every team has to manage salary be successful, but obviously the teams that really truly compete for playoffs in the league SPEND MONEY to do so. Trust me, I rather make smart decisions than throw more money at overpaid grown-ups to play a kids game.

    Oh well! If we're still good enough to beat a top team 25% of the time, it's still worth watching all 4 games to see that one out of 4 that results in a spectacular win! I will hope to actually watch the next one!

    Nov 9, 2010

    Bear Claw in my Soup


    How art thou Bear Claws, in my soup?

    Rudy Gay

    He's setting franchise records in scoring. He's becoming a leader. He's playing great defense!

    Marc Gasol

    He's playing grande. He exerts the soul of the bear. Pau is having an MVP year. Marc's the great little hermano.

    O.J. Mayo

    This little Grizzly hit the money ball when they kicked it out. Now they won't sleep on him anymore. "I've started every game of my career and blasting nearly 50% from yonder." He knows each meal begins with defense.

    Zach Randolph

    20 and 20. Contusion? Grizzlies should be undefeated with ZBO's return. All but 4 seconds worth of 1 game.

    Mike Conley

    The bear claw is like the cat claw, only bigger. And it tastes great! Allstars?

    Nov 5, 2010

    Goodbye, Oberto!

    How we hardly knew ye…
    Oberto announces retirement

    At least we'll see more late night dance parties with a bunch of awkward white guys trying to do the Dougie:

    They may not try to rely on a Steven Hill.

    No, I don't know what I'm talking about.
    But the starting center of 2007 Champions San Antonio Spurs, and 2004 Argentine Olympic gold medal winner is hanging it up.

    Back to Grizz:

    Conley is the man now, dog.

    They have to ride this new core out even with a haggard front court and abysmal bench. A win in Phoenix this Friday night would be a huge bounce back from a disappointing display at Golden State Wednesday night.

    Phoenix has had as rough a schedule as Memphis, maybe worse. They easily can put up as many points as Memphis has allowed Atlanta, Lakers, and Warriors to score in their losses.

    Grizz need to channel the power of Fabricio tonight. Gasol needs to channel the power... I must channel the power!

    Nov 1, 2010

    Grizzlies Roar

    Grizz have blasted the Wolves at home after sneaking a win by the Mavericks on the road. OJ Mayo is reawakened. Darrell Arthur is filling some big shoes. Marc Gasol is back in black and blue.

    The team travels to the city of devils in California for an NBA TV game at the Staples. It's always nice seeing the Gasol brothers going head to head.

    When a player goes down the silver lining is that it creates an opportunity for others to step up. The Grizzlies were said to have overachieved last season. In order to meet the mild expectations of some, and reach a playoff birth this season, they will have to overachieve again.

    No one is saying they are "young" anymore though. It's an exciting time in this upcoming 4 game road trip out West. Do the players on this squad have what it takes to go 50/50 against the NBA elite and continue to manhandle inferior competition such as the Wolves?

    My other biggest concern is how General Greivis and the X-Man settle into their roles. Do they ace it? Do they flail around? Or do they fail?