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Oct 28, 2010

Grizz Fall in Season Opener

Long season ahead. October is still warmup time. Before long we'll be on fire!

The Good

Hawks offense. Al Kapone. Xavier Henry debut. Mike Conley taking it to the hole. Rudy Gay in the post looking like Pau retro. Sam Young. Darrell Arthur doing ZBO impressions. Brevin Knight. Grizz girls.

The Bad

New uniforms. New officiating rules. OJ Mayo. No Haddadi? Dubious rotations.

The Ugly

Thabeet's presence. Zaza beasting ←→ Grizzlies D. Tony Allen. Acie Law IV. Demarre Carroll. Grizzlies in suits. Super-Grizz: ugly in a fun-loving way.

I forgot about SuperGrizz until I read this inspired blog post: I Love Memphis/

1 comment:

J-Bo said...

freakish atletic Hawks!!!

I don't expect a winning season for the grizz.