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Oct 25, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Small Forwards

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Lebron James
    Let's face it. Despite what all the haters say, there won't be any slow down to the Lebron-train this season. KD might be a lock for the #1 overall pick, but having this guy as consolation prize at #2 ain't shabby.
  2. Rudy Gay
    Grizz maxed him out. He's been officially crowned as their number one option on offense. Hopefully he silences his critics.
  3. Linus Kleiza
    This is how bad the Raptors will be this season. Kleiza may become their MVP.
  4. Danilo Gallinari
    Entering the third season of his NBA career, Gallinari should step up another level. He'll get more open looks with STAT down low.
  5. Chase Budinger
    Rockets' Red Glare. I gotta throw out a wildcard just to see if it'll pay off.

Who to avoid

  1. Trevor Ariza
  2. Michael Beasly
    No one can get over being sent from Miami, Florida to Minneapolis, Minnesota in a year. I hope they have the suicide watch on him (superCOOLbeas, alright, SuperFreezing-my-ass-offBeas).
  3. Ryan Gomes
    Clippers have too many weapons of greater or equal value.
  4. Boris Diaw
    Remember Diaw for the Atlanta Hawks? Then he was like most improved a year later? That's because he really stinks - unless he's motivated by being on a good team. For him it's been too long away from a good team.
  5. Mike Miller
    He's out until January or longer.
Miller is one of a cast of about a dozen SF you should avoid: Posey, Sam Young, Paul Pierce, Jamario Moon, Dorell Wright, Luol Deng, Josh Childress, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye, and Travis Outlaw.
Guys you might look over though include Ron Artest, Marvin Williams, Carl Landry (PF?), Corey Maggott, Jared Dudley, Udonis Haslem, Shawn Marion, Kelena Azuibukake, Marquis Daniels, and Nicolas Batum (he's overrated though).

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