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Oct 13, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Shooting Guards

Shooting guards do not usually dominate the first round of a fantasy draft. The #1 guy for years was Allen Iverson. Now you have been going with DWade. Of course, this year you expect his numbers to drop off because he went from a bad team to a team expected to win 70 games, and he's playing with those other 2 guys. There's a ton of guys that can play SG so the sky is the limit.

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Stephen Jackson
    The Capt has a pretty small supporting cast. I think he's going to produce big time.
  2. Wesley Matthews
    Guy is killing it in preseason. Rudy Fernandez is too moody.
  3. Eric Gordon
    TeamUSA players always come back playing on a higher level than everyone else when they win gold. He beat out OJ Mayo for his spot on the team, and where there's smoke there's fire.
  4. Ben Gordon
    The Pistons will be terrible, but Gordon will keep putting up points.
  5. Tyreke Evans
    This guy now has the complete game. Expect him to make the Allstar game if the Kings turn it around this year.

Who to avoid

  1. Kobe Bryant
    The Injury to his hand will catch up to him, if not already. You might be smart to pick up Matt Barnes late, if you swing that way.
  2. JR Smith
    This dude is such a knucklehead. He's got the ability to be the best, but something is lacking upstairs. The Nuggets are on a collision course this year.
  3. Anthony Parker
    Wonderful player that should start for the Cavaliers, but a pitiful fantasy player.
  4. Kevin Martin / Courtney Lee
    Either player could be the starter, but don't expect either to produce more than last year.
  5. Corey Brewer
    They want him to take ownership in Minnesota. Unfortunately he's just not NBA caliber.
This is a real crap-shoot. Others considered: Mike Dunleavey, George Hill, OJ Mayo, Leandro Barbosa, CJ Watson. Then I scratch my head on Joe Johnson, Caron Butler, Vince Carter, Josh Howard, TMac, Mike Miller, CDR, Ray Allen, and AgentZero. You know who's really intriguing? Nate Robinson.

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