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Oct 10, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Point Guards

Point Guard is a vital position for your team because a good one can get you wins in so many categories, especially combo guards like Tyreke Evans, Andre, Miller, Brandon Roy types. Will the new lighter jerseys benefit the floor generals? It's worth a bet!

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Deron Williams
    The Jazz will be strong again and Williams will produce double double averages, again. I'd guess the team will struggle and he'll be taking up some slack so his numbers will be even better this year.
  2. Aaron Brooks
    He's basically playing a contract year since he wasn't extended. He's the first scoring option and the best option. If Yao's healthy they'll get more offensive rebounds (possessions) and more assists.
  3. Ray Felton
    Nothing like a change of scenery to boost your stats. Feeding Galinari, Chandler, and STAT will be much easier than what Felton's been used to in Charlotte.
  4. Ramon Sessions
    This a guy you want to sneak in late in the draft. First, Mo Williams is a malcontent and with LeBron gone his performance will sink back into obscurity. Second, Boobie Gibson is a terrible point guard. I expect Sessions to run the Cavs and he'll be a huge payoff for folks that stash him away.
  5. Darren Collison
    He played better than CP3 at times and now he's got his own team. This could be a risky pick if the Pacers struggle mightily again and TJ Ford takes over.

Who to avoid

  1. Jason Kidd
    He doesn't produce. He still plays, but don't kidd yourself for elite status.
  2. Steve Blake
    Even if he starts, which I highly doubt, he will be nothing more than a facilitator to start the triangle. It's a job Shannon Brown might actually do better.
  3. Steph Curry
    The only reason I'd avoid him is that he's overrated. Sharing the court with Monta Ellis is a stupid strategy too.
  4. Mike Conley
    The 4th overall pick, entering his 4th season, and playing for extension next summer, could be his last if the Grizz fail to make the playoffs. Or worse, get swept 4-0 in the first round for the 4th time in franchise history. Notice a pattern here?
  5. Mario Chalmers
    Miami is evil

Obviously you want to avoid Gilbert Arenas. I'm at a loss for predicting Jrue Holiday. Leandro Barbosa, Jarrett Jack, Luke Ridnour are intriguing but low payoff. The most interesting questions at PG are your backups. No one can say what the Nate Robinson's, Chris Duhon's, and Goran Dragic's will do this season. Anyone can turn into the next Darren Collison, Devin Harris, or Mike Bibby. I still have faith in Ramon Sessions simply based on his fantasy production potential.


J-Bo said...

Van, great analisis, as usual.

Stephen Curry is my PG.

vanjulio said...

Curry is great. A cousin of his lives near me and has to be one of his biggest fans.