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Oct 14, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Centers

The center can usually be an afterthought in fantasy NBA, to allow more high producing PF in their place like Chris Bosh, STAT, Pau Gasol, etc. But you can find some hidden gems with a true center that average consistent double-doubles and very high FG%. If you take the route of playing a guy like Chris Bosh as your center, you will probably lose in the Blocks category. Essentially, centers are well-rounded players that you'd be foolish to ignore. The offense and defense runs through them and the point-guard on virtually every possession. Now if only they counted screens and shot alterations in fantasy points…

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Marc Gasol
    The former ACB league MVP should be candidate for NBA's Most Improved. Every year he has made huge strides establishing himself as a great traditional down-low bruiser. Emerging from baby fat and the shadow of his brother, Gasol is ready to lead Grizzlies into late spring competition. He wears the Grizzly jersey with respect and shows up every night to do all the hard hat work needed from his teammates.
  2. Joakim Noah
    A lot of guys let off the gas once they get that big contract. Prior to this season he was on a rookie scale contract. Now he's making the big bucks. This guy grew up wealthy though. Money is a game to him. Just like basketball, a game. He will continue to do all those rascally moves he does and the Bulls obviously will be depending on him solely to do that, having shipped off Brad Miller, Tyrus Thomas, and Aaron Grey.
  3. Roy Hibbert
    I am a year behind on this guy. You wouldn't even recognize him from his days at Georgetown. He's a true beast now and with Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster finally sent to the glue factory, the light's turned green.
  4. NéNé
    Hilario put up great numbers last year. With all the crap coming from Melo and Kenyon Martin, I think this season will be his best. Let's just hope he stays healthy.
  5. Timofy Mosgov
    I missed this dude on my Rookie Fantasy post, so I'm adding him here. Mike D'Antoni would be a classA moron to go back to playing STAT at the 5. I think he's better than that. However, he never let Darko play so this is a risky late round pick here.

Who to avoid

  1. Darko Miličić
    Hey Adam Morrison.
  2. Brook Lopez
    Troy Murphy is better in every facet of the game. That's just sad.
  3. Ryan Hollins
    Cleveland is so screwed.
  4. Tyson Chandler
    It's true that anyone could be GM or owner in this league. Anyone can go on their computer and read the news. These owners don't do that. I hope Obama takes all their money.
  5. Yao Ming / Brad Miller
    Rockets fans deserve better.

Avoid all the centers on the Miami Heat. If you are in a very deep league though I might take a stab at Dexter Pittman. Please don't actually try to stab him, he'd kill you. Amir Johnson is worth a look, only because he promises to get a lot of playing time. However, he's a joker so don't expect any miracles. Safe bets: BigAL, D12, Camby, Kaman, and Shaq. Avoid Gortat, Thabeet, Andrew Bogut and Robin Lopez if you can.

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vanjulio said...

I was foolish picking Ryan Hollins. I guess I forgot about Anderson Varajao. He might not be a bad choice instead, obviously!