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Oct 14, 2010

Bear trap confirmed

The poll indicated that 62 percent of those polled support the Rebel Black Bear. The Rebel Land Shark drew 56 percent support, and Hotty Toddy drew 42 percent.
WTF. The survey must have asked to choose which of the 3 you approve of, multi-select style. So dumb. The quote is hilarious though because it appears they can't add percents up to 100.

This demonstrates how stupid people really are. You can't allow them to pick the school mascot because they are too dumb to make a good choice. They picked the worst choice first and the best choice last. The Montana Grizzlies and UCLA Bruins will destory Ole Miss. Hell, Brown University has a better bear!

Whoa, ok, maybe not. Shouldn't have gone there.

Plus it's a stupid ripoff of Memphis Grizzlies. It's a moot point since the 3 choices for mascot are beyond horrible. Sad day for all.

Lunacy like this makes me embarrassed to even say I am from the South…





J-Bo said...

Hey van, where does the "OLE" thing come from?...

Is it from the spanish' "torero!!!!... oleeeeƩ!!!"?

My english is getting worse, by the way lol

vanjulio said...

nope. It's "ole" as in "OLD". It's a throwback to old southern drawl hackneyed, creole speech.

for example a black man was called "ole boy" instead of "brother".

vanjulio said...

Although they retain the tradition of the "Ole Miss Rebels", politically they want to be known as the "University of Mississippi Black Bears". It's good to make progress here but I just think the mascot is too simple.

If you went to high school in this area of the country, it's so annoying how little creativity is found in things like mascots. Every other team is Tigers, Eagles, or Bulldogs.

Mississippi is also home to the Delta State Fighting Okra. Ole Miss can do better than "Bears".

J-Bo said...

OK, it's a creole "thang"...

What about 'Ole Mis Cojones'???

It's a joke...

'Ole mis cojones'... in spanish means... I have a couple of balls... (to have guts) lol