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Oct 29, 2010

Rising Sun: Hakim Warrick

Not only does Millsap get posterized, he gets the ball spiked right in his face!

Oct 28, 2010

Grizz Fall in Season Opener

Long season ahead. October is still warmup time. Before long we'll be on fire!

The Good

Hawks offense. Al Kapone. Xavier Henry debut. Mike Conley taking it to the hole. Rudy Gay in the post looking like Pau retro. Sam Young. Darrell Arthur doing ZBO impressions. Brevin Knight. Grizz girls.

The Bad

New uniforms. New officiating rules. OJ Mayo. No Haddadi? Dubious rotations.

The Ugly

Thabeet's presence. Zaza beasting ←→ Grizzlies D. Tony Allen. Acie Law IV. Demarre Carroll. Grizzlies in suits. Super-Grizz: ugly in a fun-loving way.

I forgot about SuperGrizz until I read this inspired blog post: I Love Memphis/

Oct 25, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Small Forwards

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Lebron James
    Let's face it. Despite what all the haters say, there won't be any slow down to the Lebron-train this season. KD might be a lock for the #1 overall pick, but having this guy as consolation prize at #2 ain't shabby.
  2. Rudy Gay
    Grizz maxed him out. He's been officially crowned as their number one option on offense. Hopefully he silences his critics.
  3. Linus Kleiza
    This is how bad the Raptors will be this season. Kleiza may become their MVP.
  4. Danilo Gallinari
    Entering the third season of his NBA career, Gallinari should step up another level. He'll get more open looks with STAT down low.
  5. Chase Budinger
    Rockets' Red Glare. I gotta throw out a wildcard just to see if it'll pay off.

Who to avoid

  1. Trevor Ariza
  2. Michael Beasly
    No one can get over being sent from Miami, Florida to Minneapolis, Minnesota in a year. I hope they have the suicide watch on him (superCOOLbeas, alright, SuperFreezing-my-ass-offBeas).
  3. Ryan Gomes
    Clippers have too many weapons of greater or equal value.
  4. Boris Diaw
    Remember Diaw for the Atlanta Hawks? Then he was like most improved a year later? That's because he really stinks - unless he's motivated by being on a good team. For him it's been too long away from a good team.
  5. Mike Miller
    He's out until January or longer.
Miller is one of a cast of about a dozen SF you should avoid: Posey, Sam Young, Paul Pierce, Jamario Moon, Dorell Wright, Luol Deng, Josh Childress, Richard Jefferson, Vince Carter, Tayshaun Prince, Austin Daye, and Travis Outlaw.
Guys you might look over though include Ron Artest, Marvin Williams, Carl Landry (PF?), Corey Maggott, Jared Dudley, Udonis Haslem, Shawn Marion, Kelena Azuibukake, Marquis Daniels, and Nicolas Batum (he's overrated though).

Oct 19, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Power Forwards

I've all but run out of time on this preview series. Let's just beat this out.

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Tim Duncan
    Calling it a breakout is wrong. I just have a feeling he is going to slip off the radar this year. My only good team last year was lead primarily by Duncan's steady performance.
  2. LaMarcus Aldridge
    Have a look at his season averages. I think they'll improve. 18 ppg / 8 rbg / 2 apg. He played as much minutes as anyone too.
  3. Elton Brand
    He has fallen off of everyone's list. This year he should come back to life.
  4. Lamar Odom
    Pau probably will play the 5 with Theo Ratliff backing him up. That leaves the 4 position to Odom!
  5. Troy Murphy
    Next to Brook Lopez and Travis Outlaw, dude should put up solid numbers.

Who to avoid

  1. Antawn Jamison
    He's lost starting role to JJ Hickson.
  2. David Lee
    I'm not sold on this guy.
  3. Yi Jinlian
    Al Thornton is pissed to come off the bench behind him and Yi has been a disappointment since day one. Not looking good.
  4. Andrea Bargnani
    Every year I end up disappointed by him.
  5. Kenyon Martin
    Bad tattoos and all.

Oct 14, 2010

Bear trap confirmed

The poll indicated that 62 percent of those polled support the Rebel Black Bear. The Rebel Land Shark drew 56 percent support, and Hotty Toddy drew 42 percent.
WTF. The survey must have asked to choose which of the 3 you approve of, multi-select style. So dumb. The quote is hilarious though because it appears they can't add percents up to 100.

This demonstrates how stupid people really are. You can't allow them to pick the school mascot because they are too dumb to make a good choice. They picked the worst choice first and the best choice last. The Montana Grizzlies and UCLA Bruins will destory Ole Miss. Hell, Brown University has a better bear!

Whoa, ok, maybe not. Shouldn't have gone there.

Plus it's a stupid ripoff of Memphis Grizzlies. It's a moot point since the 3 choices for mascot are beyond horrible. Sad day for all.

Lunacy like this makes me embarrassed to even say I am from the South…




Fantasy Preview - Centers

The center can usually be an afterthought in fantasy NBA, to allow more high producing PF in their place like Chris Bosh, STAT, Pau Gasol, etc. But you can find some hidden gems with a true center that average consistent double-doubles and very high FG%. If you take the route of playing a guy like Chris Bosh as your center, you will probably lose in the Blocks category. Essentially, centers are well-rounded players that you'd be foolish to ignore. The offense and defense runs through them and the point-guard on virtually every possession. Now if only they counted screens and shot alterations in fantasy points…

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Marc Gasol
    The former ACB league MVP should be candidate for NBA's Most Improved. Every year he has made huge strides establishing himself as a great traditional down-low bruiser. Emerging from baby fat and the shadow of his brother, Gasol is ready to lead Grizzlies into late spring competition. He wears the Grizzly jersey with respect and shows up every night to do all the hard hat work needed from his teammates.
  2. Joakim Noah
    A lot of guys let off the gas once they get that big contract. Prior to this season he was on a rookie scale contract. Now he's making the big bucks. This guy grew up wealthy though. Money is a game to him. Just like basketball, a game. He will continue to do all those rascally moves he does and the Bulls obviously will be depending on him solely to do that, having shipped off Brad Miller, Tyrus Thomas, and Aaron Grey.
  3. Roy Hibbert
    I am a year behind on this guy. You wouldn't even recognize him from his days at Georgetown. He's a true beast now and with Troy Murphy and Jeff Foster finally sent to the glue factory, the light's turned green.
  4. NéNé
    Hilario put up great numbers last year. With all the crap coming from Melo and Kenyon Martin, I think this season will be his best. Let's just hope he stays healthy.
  5. Timofy Mosgov
    I missed this dude on my Rookie Fantasy post, so I'm adding him here. Mike D'Antoni would be a classA moron to go back to playing STAT at the 5. I think he's better than that. However, he never let Darko play so this is a risky late round pick here.

Who to avoid

  1. Darko Miličić
    Hey Adam Morrison.
  2. Brook Lopez
    Troy Murphy is better in every facet of the game. That's just sad.
  3. Ryan Hollins
    Cleveland is so screwed.
  4. Tyson Chandler
    It's true that anyone could be GM or owner in this league. Anyone can go on their computer and read the news. These owners don't do that. I hope Obama takes all their money.
  5. Yao Ming / Brad Miller
    Rockets fans deserve better.

Avoid all the centers on the Miami Heat. If you are in a very deep league though I might take a stab at Dexter Pittman. Please don't actually try to stab him, he'd kill you. Amir Johnson is worth a look, only because he promises to get a lot of playing time. However, he's a joker so don't expect any miracles. Safe bets: BigAL, D12, Camby, Kaman, and Shaq. Avoid Gortat, Thabeet, Andrew Bogut and Robin Lopez if you can.

Oct 13, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Shooting Guards

Shooting guards do not usually dominate the first round of a fantasy draft. The #1 guy for years was Allen Iverson. Now you have been going with DWade. Of course, this year you expect his numbers to drop off because he went from a bad team to a team expected to win 70 games, and he's playing with those other 2 guys. There's a ton of guys that can play SG so the sky is the limit.

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Stephen Jackson
    The Capt has a pretty small supporting cast. I think he's going to produce big time.
  2. Wesley Matthews
    Guy is killing it in preseason. Rudy Fernandez is too moody.
  3. Eric Gordon
    TeamUSA players always come back playing on a higher level than everyone else when they win gold. He beat out OJ Mayo for his spot on the team, and where there's smoke there's fire.
  4. Ben Gordon
    The Pistons will be terrible, but Gordon will keep putting up points.
  5. Tyreke Evans
    This guy now has the complete game. Expect him to make the Allstar game if the Kings turn it around this year.

Who to avoid

  1. Kobe Bryant
    The Injury to his hand will catch up to him, if not already. You might be smart to pick up Matt Barnes late, if you swing that way.
  2. JR Smith
    This dude is such a knucklehead. He's got the ability to be the best, but something is lacking upstairs. The Nuggets are on a collision course this year.
  3. Anthony Parker
    Wonderful player that should start for the Cavaliers, but a pitiful fantasy player.
  4. Kevin Martin / Courtney Lee
    Either player could be the starter, but don't expect either to produce more than last year.
  5. Corey Brewer
    They want him to take ownership in Minnesota. Unfortunately he's just not NBA caliber.
This is a real crap-shoot. Others considered: Mike Dunleavey, George Hill, OJ Mayo, Leandro Barbosa, CJ Watson. Then I scratch my head on Joe Johnson, Caron Butler, Vince Carter, Josh Howard, TMac, Mike Miller, CDR, Ray Allen, and AgentZero. You know who's really intriguing? Nate Robinson.

Oct 10, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Point Guards

Point Guard is a vital position for your team because a good one can get you wins in so many categories, especially combo guards like Tyreke Evans, Andre, Miller, Brandon Roy types. Will the new lighter jerseys benefit the floor generals? It's worth a bet!

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. Deron Williams
    The Jazz will be strong again and Williams will produce double double averages, again. I'd guess the team will struggle and he'll be taking up some slack so his numbers will be even better this year.
  2. Aaron Brooks
    He's basically playing a contract year since he wasn't extended. He's the first scoring option and the best option. If Yao's healthy they'll get more offensive rebounds (possessions) and more assists.
  3. Ray Felton
    Nothing like a change of scenery to boost your stats. Feeding Galinari, Chandler, and STAT will be much easier than what Felton's been used to in Charlotte.
  4. Ramon Sessions
    This a guy you want to sneak in late in the draft. First, Mo Williams is a malcontent and with LeBron gone his performance will sink back into obscurity. Second, Boobie Gibson is a terrible point guard. I expect Sessions to run the Cavs and he'll be a huge payoff for folks that stash him away.
  5. Darren Collison
    He played better than CP3 at times and now he's got his own team. This could be a risky pick if the Pacers struggle mightily again and TJ Ford takes over.

Who to avoid

  1. Jason Kidd
    He doesn't produce. He still plays, but don't kidd yourself for elite status.
  2. Steve Blake
    Even if he starts, which I highly doubt, he will be nothing more than a facilitator to start the triangle. It's a job Shannon Brown might actually do better.
  3. Steph Curry
    The only reason I'd avoid him is that he's overrated. Sharing the court with Monta Ellis is a stupid strategy too.
  4. Mike Conley
    The 4th overall pick, entering his 4th season, and playing for extension next summer, could be his last if the Grizz fail to make the playoffs. Or worse, get swept 4-0 in the first round for the 4th time in franchise history. Notice a pattern here?
  5. Mario Chalmers
    Miami is evil

Obviously you want to avoid Gilbert Arenas. I'm at a loss for predicting Jrue Holiday. Leandro Barbosa, Jarrett Jack, Luke Ridnour are intriguing but low payoff. The most interesting questions at PG are your backups. No one can say what the Nate Robinson's, Chris Duhon's, and Goran Dragic's will do this season. Anyone can turn into the next Darren Collison, Devin Harris, or Mike Bibby. I still have faith in Ramon Sessions simply based on his fantasy production potential.

Oct 8, 2010

Fantasy Preview - Rookies

Most fantasy drafts are more about who to avoid, especially in the early rounds, rather than who to go after. I never ask "who are the top 10 players this season?" I ask, "who are the players most likely to be productive fantasy players all 82 games?" You don't want to be the guy with Gilbert Arenas or Greg Oden in the last couple seasons – that's my point!

Rookies are difficult to gauge because a guy like James Harden can be a role player that you may never use, or you could end up with Steph Curry or Brandon Jennings further down the draft order who are bonafide starters. Here's what I think.

Who's ready to BREAKOUT?

  1. John Wall
  2. Greg Monroe
    If Greg Monroe doesn't contribute right away the Pistons' season is over. They need an upgrade over Chris Wilcox and Ben Wallace pronto. Jerebko is out for the season so this guy should be looked at as your second or third string PF.
  3. Demarcus Cousins
    This guy could fall flat, but I think Dalembert will be his backup. He got 16 and 16 in his first outing. A monster in the making!
  4. Gordon Hayward
    Utah will need to make up for loss of Korver, Brewer, and Wesley Matthews. Hayward could easily end up in the starting lineup this year.
  5. Tiago Splitter
    I came to my senses and added him on here. Once healthy he should come out swinging and replacing DeJuan Blair on the depth chart.

Who to avoid

  1. Evan Turner
    Pretty obvious one. He's averaging 15% FG in two preseason games and can't start ahead of Jodie Meeks.
  2. Blake Griffin
    Yes he could emerge as ROY but right now I'm not seeing it. And history is against him with the injury. I can't think of any player that missed their first season and had an above average return. (This one will possibly come back to haunt me!)
  3. Derrick Favors
    This guy had a long way to go his Freshman year at Tech, and you can see it by their poor record last season in the ACC. He's got all that upside but it may take a while for it to manifest. By the end of the year Tech was one of the only teams in the nation that came close to stopping Duke from their Title run. But close doesn't count.
  4. Al-Farouq Aminu
    I think this guy will be a solid bust.
  5. Patrick Patterson
    Houston is rich now in big men with Yao coming back. I don't think they will rely on Patterson much unless they fall out of playoff contention. So this is not a guy you want in November. Chuck Hayes and Jordan Hill would have to be injured for him to get off the bench.
There's a handful of guys that could go either way. For that reason I'd avoid Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson, Paul George, Luke Babbitt, James Anderson, Seraphin. Keep an eye on Babbitt if Rudy Fernandez gets traded or quits the team. I do like Larry Sanders, Dominique Jones, and Eric Bledsoe. I just wouldn't draft any of these guys!
update: Of course, the day I send this out Blake Griffin and Aminu have a coming out party. Oh well' it's preseason only. Let's wait and see.