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Aug 6, 2010

Yearbook Photos 2010

Now that Sean May is locked up and Jeremy Lin is settled in Golden State, we're ready to rank the greatest movers and shakers in the NBA.

When I make these rankings they are not based strongly on the quality of the player. Above all, they reflect my own personal biases. Concurrent with those biases, I try as best as possible to view them on the savvy-ness of the GM acquisition and the overall street cred gained by the adoption. Finally I of course have to single out the Grizzlies wherever possible.

This year has seen a lot of BAD moves. I'm against the majority of them. A lot of been bad resigns (Darko), but also lots of bad transitions too (Amar'e). Let's see what's good though.

My favorite summer moves:

  1. Chicago

    Click for Brewer Video

    Also bringing in Kurt Thomas, CJ Watson via trade, Carlos Boozing, Kyle Korver, and Omer Asik. Kept Devin Brown around. Avoided Wade and TMac.
  2. Houston

    Alexander Johnson. Former Grizzly FA.

    They brought back caveman Scola

    Brad Miller Dinosaur Hunter

    Overpaying for Kyle Lowry is not great because you don't need a top backup PG to be the best. Look no further than Beno Udrih, Jordan Farmar, Mario Chalmers, and an over-the-hill Sam Cassell.
  3. Boston
    Team Super-Villain Complete

    Resigned Death Quis Daniels, The Wicked Truth, Ray Ray Ray-Gun, and KyrptoNATE:

    Brought in the Big Shaq Fu Monsta

    Jermaine "The Undead" O'Neal and Count Von Wafer are also good additions!
  4. Phoenix

    A resign of Channing Frye equals these guys came to party:

    Hakim Warrick

    Back in the USSA

    Turkoglu back on the West coast and ready to work it.
  5. New Jersey


    Jordan Farmar is a slight upgrade from Marcus Williams. Ben Uzoh likely passes him on the depth chart. Johan Petro was added for height and to placate the old Jason Collins fans. Brian Zoubek is one of the reigning champs, Duke University, and likely will render Petro obsolete given time. Travis Outlaw might have a coming out party this year. Hopefully it's not coming out to race for that elusive 10th win of the season in April, 2011. Avery Johnson should turn this squad around regardless.

    Zoubek and Uzoh have cool last names

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J-Bo said...

Nice picks... who is the devil? Avery? lol