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Aug 18, 2010

Love Song to a Game

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    By Adonal Foyle

    August 17, 2010

    How should I tell thee goodbye?

    What can you say about a love affair to rival that of Romeo & Juliet? This is not just some melancholy ode to a hackneyed love of mortals.

    I found our love deep in the entrails of the Caribbean Sea. Love that swept me to a land where our embrace became mythical.

    You showed me a world that few have dreamt of.

    Colgate’s golden steeple, a sojurn where ancient teachings flooded my mind. There in the Chenango Valley where 13 sang my soul to flight, basketball laid siege to my soul.

    I do not cry for the passing of our love for it stands radiant while my brittle bones crumble through swift time.

    I have known you by so many faces; I will spend my end of days recalling.

    You have infected so many with the allure of riches and black gold. But I am not angry with you my love. For to a boy who was lost in the bosom of nothing you gave hope and home.

    Like the flickering of a light we come and go without much fuss. So I leave you to fend off seekers, hoping they too will cherish your unyielding countenance.

    As for me, I will forever live in the glare of your loving embrace. From time to time I hope you will look in on this pitiful fool.

    I will miss brothers of a quilt struggling with burning lights. If I offer advice, pierce beyond the glaring lights and see the faces behind the wall. Don't be fooled by the magicians’ nibble fingers. For this is a life with mirrors and screens. Its only truth lies in the understanding it will all end.

    The sound I will take home is the symphony of thousands of screaming friends.

    Warriors, Magic and yes, Memphis too, I sing you praise, hope, blessings, Flowing from a boy’s songs of thanks to you and you and you,to all I knew.

    Please stay my “immortal love.”

    Adonal Foyle for Democracy matters —
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    J-Bo said...

    yeahh... Rashad McCants has great poems too...