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Aug 24, 2010

Mr. Heisley spoke with Chris Vernon

  • Chris Vernon Interview with Grizz owner Michael Heisley – hilarious screaming match between Grizzlies' owner and Memphis radio dude.

    This is sports version of Alec Baldwin's Rude Little Pig.

    "Once again I made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone to call you about Hasheem Thabeet."

    "Somebody's gotta pull the trigger, son!"
  • Aug 19, 2010

    Welcome Aboard!

    Hi, I see you guys are new here.

    Are you fired up?

    Whoa, cowboy! We gotta get you signed.

    Now, I don't know if you guys have heard yet, but we've implemented a new totally awesome best practice here in Memphis. Rather than sign you at 120% of your rookie salary we want to hold back that extra 20%, which you know many players in recent years have agreed to. Don't worry, they all met the incentives.

    These terms are like 'no big whoop' guys. Make the NBA Rookie Challenge All-Star game; appear 5 times at broken down malls around the city for fan meet and greets; attend a Memphis Tigers game without your Jayhawks jersey or Terrapins hat; carry Thabeet's lunch box for him; help reëngineer and launch the elevator finally in the Bass Pro Shop Pyramid — no bigggie!

    Xman's angry face - looks kind of happy but it's more like psycho killer happy face that's really angry inside.

    I know, I know. It's tough enough doing your job, playing at the highest level and such and flying all over the country every day of the week for 6 months of the year. But now you gotta earn that bread. You see – we're a family here in Memphis. We don't eat unless you eat. So you gotta eat and eat and eat. Then we eat. Look at all that food we gave to Rudy Gay. Doesn't it make sense now?

    Clear as mud still?

    Check it:

    1. The Emerging Science of Worker Productivity
      -Peer pressure may influence productivity
      -So workers will punish others for low productivity but not for high productivity that is not needed.
      -The finding that exposure to low-output work lowers output, combined with the finding that low-productivity reduces willingness to punish, suggests the possibility of an organizational vicious cycle: after observing idiosyncratically bad work, workers may lower their own output and punish less in response, in turn reducing other workers' incentives to be highly productive.
    2. Fixed Wages, Piece Rates, and Intertemporal Productivity: a Study of tree Planters in British Columbia
      -productivity of piece-rate planters falls with the number of consecutive days worked
      -These results highlight the importance of considering the [negative] long-term e ffects of incentive contracts

    Piece Rates are essentially rates based on performance. These incentives might not be bad but in this case perhaps we're being a little too hard on our noobs. Just playin' wit you fellas, here's your $300k. No harm done?

    Aug 18, 2010

    Love Song to a Game

  • Original Poem Link Here

    By Adonal Foyle

    August 17, 2010

    How should I tell thee goodbye?

    What can you say about a love affair to rival that of Romeo & Juliet? This is not just some melancholy ode to a hackneyed love of mortals.

    I found our love deep in the entrails of the Caribbean Sea. Love that swept me to a land where our embrace became mythical.

    You showed me a world that few have dreamt of.

    Colgate’s golden steeple, a sojurn where ancient teachings flooded my mind. There in the Chenango Valley where 13 sang my soul to flight, basketball laid siege to my soul.

    I do not cry for the passing of our love for it stands radiant while my brittle bones crumble through swift time.

    I have known you by so many faces; I will spend my end of days recalling.

    You have infected so many with the allure of riches and black gold. But I am not angry with you my love. For to a boy who was lost in the bosom of nothing you gave hope and home.

    Like the flickering of a light we come and go without much fuss. So I leave you to fend off seekers, hoping they too will cherish your unyielding countenance.

    As for me, I will forever live in the glare of your loving embrace. From time to time I hope you will look in on this pitiful fool.

    I will miss brothers of a quilt struggling with burning lights. If I offer advice, pierce beyond the glaring lights and see the faces behind the wall. Don't be fooled by the magicians’ nibble fingers. For this is a life with mirrors and screens. Its only truth lies in the understanding it will all end.

    The sound I will take home is the symphony of thousands of screaming friends.

    Warriors, Magic and yes, Memphis too, I sing you praise, hope, blessings, Flowing from a boy’s songs of thanks to you and you and you,to all I knew.

    Please stay my “immortal love.”

    Adonal Foyle for Democracy matters —
  • Aug 6, 2010

    Yearbook Photos 2010

    Now that Sean May is locked up and Jeremy Lin is settled in Golden State, we're ready to rank the greatest movers and shakers in the NBA.

    When I make these rankings they are not based strongly on the quality of the player. Above all, they reflect my own personal biases. Concurrent with those biases, I try as best as possible to view them on the savvy-ness of the GM acquisition and the overall street cred gained by the adoption. Finally I of course have to single out the Grizzlies wherever possible.

    This year has seen a lot of BAD moves. I'm against the majority of them. A lot of been bad resigns (Darko), but also lots of bad transitions too (Amar'e). Let's see what's good though.

    My favorite summer moves:

    1. Chicago

      Click for Brewer Video

      Also bringing in Kurt Thomas, CJ Watson via trade, Carlos Boozing, Kyle Korver, and Omer Asik. Kept Devin Brown around. Avoided Wade and TMac.
    2. Houston

      Alexander Johnson. Former Grizzly FA.

      They brought back caveman Scola

      Brad Miller Dinosaur Hunter

      Overpaying for Kyle Lowry is not great because you don't need a top backup PG to be the best. Look no further than Beno Udrih, Jordan Farmar, Mario Chalmers, and an over-the-hill Sam Cassell.
    3. Boston
      Team Super-Villain Complete

      Resigned Death Quis Daniels, The Wicked Truth, Ray Ray Ray-Gun, and KyrptoNATE:

      Brought in the Big Shaq Fu Monsta

      Jermaine "The Undead" O'Neal and Count Von Wafer are also good additions!
    4. Phoenix

      A resign of Channing Frye equals these guys came to party:

      Hakim Warrick

      Back in the USSA

      Turkoglu back on the West coast and ready to work it.
    5. New Jersey


      Jordan Farmar is a slight upgrade from Marcus Williams. Ben Uzoh likely passes him on the depth chart. Johan Petro was added for height and to placate the old Jason Collins fans. Brian Zoubek is one of the reigning champs, Duke University, and likely will render Petro obsolete given time. Travis Outlaw might have a coming out party this year. Hopefully it's not coming out to race for that elusive 10th win of the season in April, 2011. Avery Johnson should turn this squad around regardless.

      Zoubek and Uzoh have cool last names