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May 5, 2010

Unfiltered Draft: Luke Babbitt

Another lefty! It has worked well for Mike Conley and ZBO. So I guess I'm picking lefty's here. If this guy is available at #25 then it's a must pick.

Some interesting players have come out of Nevada including Ramon Sessions and JaVale McGee.

Why Babbitt?

  1. Great shooter
  2. Academic Athlete
  3. Gritty – like DeMarre Carroll – but with skillz
  4. Multi-dimensional athlete, with skillz

Ceiling: Rip Hamilton
Mid-point: Sasha Pavolic, Julian Wright
Floor: Luke Walton

1 comment:

J-Bo said...

ok, i'm taking notes, Henry with the #12 and Babbit with the #25 ;)