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Mar 10, 2010

Beware the IDES!


  • Grizzlies are on a ferocious SIX GAME ROAD WIN STREAK
  • Celtics have put up only 86 points against the Wizards and then 84 points against the Bucks last night in a road loss. They are hungry. They got a lot of nice new pieces. Their record is still elite (40-22). They'll be looking for a nice solid home win tonight. The Grizzlies have scored under 90 points in a few poor losses in February. Celtics could barely get that number up against the lowly Sixers last week. A win would be 100 points but a nice battle could be won in the 90s. The Grizz don't play well enough defense though to expect a win like the Bucks got (86-84) last night. Well they could... but the C's don't go cold for that long! Tonight they have to hit it hard and be in sync.

  • Nate Robinson has always been a Grizz killer. But tonight we must kill him to show he chose the wrong team!

  • Everyone knows the Grizzlies played a powder-puff New Jersey team on Monday at home to finally snap their ugly home loss streak (Eight in a row!?!). They lost a devastating playoff elimination (barring a miracle) game Saturday night to Spurs but since then they have had some good R&R. They been chilling in beautiful spring New England for at least twenty-four hours once game time hits tonight. The weather has been amazing here the last 5 days in fact. Now tonight they are rested whereas the Celtics are pretty tired from a tight game against a playoff contender, Milwaukee Bucks. And the Grizzlies were out eating lobster and hanging on Yawkey Way at the time. So, we should have a Grizzlies team that is ready for anything from these Champion Celtics.

  • Big Key to the game: ZBO. Will he play? "Expected to be back" says the paper.

  • Big Key to the game: Ray Allen.

    G Ray Allen hit both ends of the spectrum in a brief span. He made 10 of 15 shots Sunday against Washington, hitting 4-of-6 treys—two of them in the waning moments to lead the Celtics to victory. In Milwaukee Tuesday, he went 0-for-3 from the floor and had just three points in 34 minutes.
    – don't let him get going Grizz! He'll bury us. We don't play that way.

  • KG versus ZBO should be an epic battle. But I think the most interesting match-up of the night has to be Marc Gasol versus Kendrick Perkins.

  • My parents, my wife, and I will be traveling to the Garden for this game so we are ultra pumped! After the terrific game in the Madison Square Garden just two weeks ago, I am ready for another solid exhibition of the Memphis Grizzlies. I hope we see some spectacular plays tonight. Celtics should not disappoint.