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Mar 23, 2010

Tyreke top10

Man that guy is good.

Mar 15, 2010


Yes I am happy Georgia Tech sneaked in to the NCAA tournament.  But for the first time in quite a while I am more interested in the NIT than the big dance.   Sorry, I just can't get excited about Syracuse, Kansas, Kentucky, and Duke.   The only top seeds I like ... wait no... I don't like any of them.

 So bring on the NIT!

  • Memphis
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia Tech
  • Mississippi State (should have beaten the #1 team, Kentucky except for a miracle 0.1s comeback for SEC champ yesterday)
  • Ole Miss
  • UConn
  • UNC - defending national champs
  • Cincinatti
  • and good ole Quinnipiac

I mean you know it's hard to argue with the excitement of watching these guys instead:

  • Robert Morris
  • UCSB banana slugs
  • Vermont
  • Wofford
  • East Tennessee State (I am from Tennessee and never heard of this school before)

Unless Georgia Tech runs the table I'll be sticking with the NIT this year. 

Mar 10, 2010

Beware the IDES!


  • Grizzlies are on a ferocious SIX GAME ROAD WIN STREAK
  • Celtics have put up only 86 points against the Wizards and then 84 points against the Bucks last night in a road loss. They are hungry. They got a lot of nice new pieces. Their record is still elite (40-22). They'll be looking for a nice solid home win tonight. The Grizzlies have scored under 90 points in a few poor losses in February. Celtics could barely get that number up against the lowly Sixers last week. A win would be 100 points but a nice battle could be won in the 90s. The Grizz don't play well enough defense though to expect a win like the Bucks got (86-84) last night. Well they could... but the C's don't go cold for that long! Tonight they have to hit it hard and be in sync.

  • Nate Robinson has always been a Grizz killer. But tonight we must kill him to show he chose the wrong team!

  • Everyone knows the Grizzlies played a powder-puff New Jersey team on Monday at home to finally snap their ugly home loss streak (Eight in a row!?!). They lost a devastating playoff elimination (barring a miracle) game Saturday night to Spurs but since then they have had some good R&R. They been chilling in beautiful spring New England for at least twenty-four hours once game time hits tonight. The weather has been amazing here the last 5 days in fact. Now tonight they are rested whereas the Celtics are pretty tired from a tight game against a playoff contender, Milwaukee Bucks. And the Grizzlies were out eating lobster and hanging on Yawkey Way at the time. So, we should have a Grizzlies team that is ready for anything from these Champion Celtics.

  • Big Key to the game: ZBO. Will he play? "Expected to be back" says the paper.

  • Big Key to the game: Ray Allen.

    G Ray Allen hit both ends of the spectrum in a brief span. He made 10 of 15 shots Sunday against Washington, hitting 4-of-6 treys—two of them in the waning moments to lead the Celtics to victory. In Milwaukee Tuesday, he went 0-for-3 from the floor and had just three points in 34 minutes.
    – don't let him get going Grizz! He'll bury us. We don't play that way.

  • KG versus ZBO should be an epic battle. But I think the most interesting match-up of the night has to be Marc Gasol versus Kendrick Perkins.

  • My parents, my wife, and I will be traveling to the Garden for this game so we are ultra pumped! After the terrific game in the Madison Square Garden just two weeks ago, I am ready for another solid exhibition of the Memphis Grizzlies. I hope we see some spectacular plays tonight. Celtics should not disappoint.

Mar 4, 2010

Topsy Turvy Bear Power

It was looking like a repeat of last year. In mid-March my fiance, at the time, and I went down to Memphis and caught 2 games plus 1 road game in New Orleans. The Grizz lost all three games. It was especially sad to lose the big game in New Orleans after a near victory against Denver. And the first game we saw in FedEx ranks as one of the 3 or 4 worst sporting events I'd ever seen. That was a pathetic beat down by the Portland Trailblazers. It looked awfully like the 3rd quarter Monday night against Portland this year!

But a new history is being written by these Grizzlies.
Already they've set their home win record in January. Now they just set a new away win record with a 5th straight in New Orleans!

It is strange that, while accomplishing this franchise road victory record, they have begun a really nasty home loss streak. They've all but lost the playoff hopes. It's going to be a tough battle to surpass both Houston and one more team to get into the 8th spot. Either way this team is overachieving definitely.

I got to see them live for the first time since Pre-Season this past weekend at the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Definitely this was a great game that the Grizzlies ran away with. Al Harrington, David Lee, and Eddie House made good efforts to keep them in it but it wasn't enough.
Tracy McGrady is fading into the sunset and Sergio Rodriguez just isn't a primetime point guard. The Knicks fans said Darko Milicic and Jordan Hill just weren't able to get time because they were behind the rotation with so many better players in front of them. I don't know what players they were talking about other than David Lee.

Let me say one last thing for now. The Grizzlies face the San Antonio Spurs at home Saturday night. We've always played them tough. Right now they are on a slide falling well below the records of Oklahoma City, Denver, Dallas, and Utah. If the Grizzlies can snap that home loss streak with this win then there is still hope for a post-season.
And there is more than that. There is great hope for next season. Regardless, the Grizzlies are on their way up and should bottle what they got going on these win streaks and just live off it for the next couple years. It will always be Topsy Turvy and Memphis mayhem. But it's legit.