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Feb 19, 2010

Trade Ranks

Grading the NBA trade deadline moves:
  1. Neither has played much so this is a funny trade. Especially it is interesting since New York gave up Quentin Richardson for Darko. What about Darko could be intriguing to Minnesota?
  2. Can't help but laugh at this one. Dallas sends over crippled Josh Howard and free agency filler contract of Drew Gooden for 2 of the best 3 remaining Wizards players on the team post-Arenas. Howard has about a 2% chance of performing up to his old self and he has horrible character issues in his past that make him a horrible choice for a franchise that wants to "move forward" past things like gun violence, illegal drug use, and racism. ("America for white, Africa for black", etc.) Of course Gooden ended up being flipped for nothing just like BIGZ. UPDATE: I had no idea Al Thornton was somehow brought over to the Wizards in all that mess. They look pretty dang good actually. I love that they are coming together and playing better ball now. It's got me watching the Wizards again. I like Thornton a lot and always liked Josh Howard even though he is a crazy ass dude. WOOF
  3. Clippers decided to end their season early after Blake Griffin was declared lost for the season, the departure of their coach . Now they are begging for free agency next summer. Helps out Portland incredibly since they lost Greg Oden and Joel Przybilla. Andre Miller has taken over there so Blake was expendable. 
  4. Another one-sided trade that gives Chicago room for next year free-agency. Bobcats will gamble on Tyrus Thomas. He's always been overrated and does not play with passion. No wonder the Bobcats are still the worst NBA team after so long. They traded for Tyson Chandler after he was found to be lame and obviously was only a product of Chris Paul. He was not as good as Stromile Swift before that on Chicago. Now we'll see the chemistry wane as Capt Jackson and company's ship sinks.
  5. Essentially the Kings dumped Kevin Martin only for Carl Landry in return. Good move for them because Kevin Martin is not needed anymore after Tyreke. Martin has been overrated anyway. I predict the Rockets will finally come out of the top 8 and miss playoffs now.
  6. This is a joker trade if ever seen. TMac was voted as starter to the All-Star game but was not allowed to play since he has yet to play any games this season. He's just an expiring contract so that New York can get Lebrandon James and/or Chris Bosh this summer. Meanwhile Jared Jeffries contract crushes Houston's hopes of returning to glory as long as Yao Ming is on the books.
  7. Hakim Warrick has been pretty disappointing this year for the Bucks. He does ok as a bench guy, but is not a suitable replacement for Charlie Villanueva. In Memphis he started out shaky but had flashes of Strotential. Never got the complete package working though. In Chicago he should be coachable and a very nice backup support guy for Taj Gibson. Salmons is the Bucks' answer for a playoff push amidst their franchise killing loss of Michael Redd. Phoenix boy, Brandon Jennings, might have brought the Bucks into respectability already. Salmons was really brought to Chicago from Sacramento last season to push them further in the playoffs but Paul Pierce had none of that. This is a pretty minor trade in the big picture. obviously the Bucks aren't going to start beating the Cavaliers any time soon.
  8. Celtics are not happy it sounded like from interviews of Doc Rivers and company. Fans should not be either. Nate Robinson is a jack ass. Eddie House will probably love New York but what could be worse than going from the best franchise in the business to currently one of the worst? Ouch!
  9. I'm not sure what other sport allows deals like this to go through. Zman will be back with the Cavs after Wizards buy out his contract. Why does Washington just give away their top player for cash? UPDATE: Somehow thru this trade and Sebastion Telfaire going to Cleveland, Al Thornton ended up in WashingtonDC. So it's not that completely one-sided anymore. Especially if Jamison keeps going around with that baby sling on his shoulder and BigZ has to have his leg amputated because it has too many rebuilt surgeries already.