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Feb 3, 2010


I'm already done talking about the All-Star game. ZBO came; he saw; he conquered. How the hell are we going to sit here, he's supposed to be franchise player, and we're talking about PLAYOFFS? Pardon my ramblings.

Early in the blowout Tuesday night in Cleveland, one of the Cavalier announcers said something like, "if the Grizzlies do make playoffs they are going to have to perform in these situations after a big game. After a win against the Lakers then they will come right back the next night and might face them again. To be successful this young team will have to find a way to get up and play these kind of games."

Anytime we beat the Lakers is good.

They can have the Cleveland game off. Playoffs is a long time away. It's different playing against a whole different club in a back-to-back I would think. You're going up against different guys. The Cleveland team had no game on Monday.

A couple times recently I have said to myself, "this is the best Grizzlies team ever". Another variation is, "this is the most enjoyable Grizzlies basketball I've ever watched." They are fun and they get after teams and the pain of the last 3 seasons seems to be a thing of the past. They are causing blood pressure alarms as they play games down to the buzzer and let teams slip back in the 4th a couple times recently. But it's a lot better than the icy depression of being down double digits "night-in and night-out" in the 3rd quarters of games. I hated seeing that.

Memphis is kicking arse. It might not be every night against everybody. But give a little time and one of them will find a way to bring the hurt.

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