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Feb 24, 2010

Insufferable Excellence

  • Grizzlies lose to LAL - a tragic ending to a good effort.
  • phantom call on Marc Gasol screen which leads to a tech on Coach Hollins that gave Lakers another point to keep them in the game.
  • OJ Mayo misses both free throws, either of which would have sent game to overtime or resulted in a win.
  • Lakers kick ball out of bounds but refs claim they could not see it and so they did a jump ball at half court for the Lakers to get another 3 points.
  • The Grizzlies did not play exceptionally in the first half but were far significantly the better team in the second. They didn't capitalize on it as much because the Lakers are so good - even when they struggle they hung in the game long enough for the refs to give them the rest of the room to allow Kobe to be the assassin Black Mamba.
  • Hamed Haddadi looks great. Darrell Arthur needs more minutes because we need to save ZBO for next season. He is bound to hit the old man wall any day now. I run all the time and feel myself gaining weight easier than in the past. I'm about the same age as ZBO. It just happens some time around the late-20s. Not saying he should play with less passion and intensity - just limit the severe wear and tear on his body because you know it's happening as he plays like a mad man every night! He is MVP no doubt.
“We already know we are playing a lot better. We already know we can play the best teams in the NBA and do a great job. Nobody comes here thinking we are the team from last year. They come here knowing that we are a different team and more aggressive. We play hard and don’t give up.” —Marc Gasol


It's true that when the Lakers come against Grizz you should look on paper and say it is a blow-out. They do overachieve. But once you reach that level you never go back. I don't believe they can sit back and go through losses to the Wizards, Knicks and Bobcats the rest of this week. Then say "why you play so well against NJ and Lakers?" , "well... we uh, overachieved". You got to keep improving all the time.

On the team’s performance:
“During these big games we step up. We have to learn what we do during this kind of games and do it every night.” — Rudy Gay

I rather watch this,

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