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Feb 18, 2010

02/17/2010 Toronto Raptors OT post-mortem

Keys to Super Bowl
  • Big Win in Toronto, on Iranian night no less.
  • King Arthur improved in less than 24 hours. This is good.
  • Marcus Williams TCB (takin care of bidness). I have to give it up.
  • Grizz got OUT ON TOP, with 10 - 0 run to start the game. The Toronto coach was still screaming for them to get nasty and match grizzlies intensity during timeouts in the second half. They had the rust!
  • Rudy Gay playing high level. Big, big game for he.
  • Defense, Intensity, Grit. GRIZBALL, D.I.G.?
  • ZBO says it right, "that's some bullshit right there," as refs give Toronto a timeout after they had thrown the ball away, down 3 points with 1:20 to go in OT. oh well. time to take yer beating Raps. OT was a knockout punch.
  • The "Huskies" suck. They need to throw those jerseys in the trash. Really!
  • Grizzlies got it done inside and when the Raptors collapsed late in the game the boys hit their shots from outside. There were a number of 3 second violations in this one. The paint was a battle the Grizz won - despite Chris Bosh's best efforts.
  • Bargnani looks capable of averaging 35 points a night. He's virtually unstoppable on the offense, ala Pau Gasol. But his defense is weak! Like most of Toronto D. Jack was brought in to correct that but Hedo and Andres just don't match up against guys like Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph. With a 100% Reggie Evans they will be a better team.
  • As good as DeRozen might be, it just shows how bad Antoine Wright fits a starter role. He's just not talented enough.

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J-Bo said...

very good luck for the Grizz this time...