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Jan 12, 2010

Grizzlies vs Clippers 01/12/2010

Grizzlies face redhot Clippers team tonight.
They defeated the Lakers after a 9 game losing streak I believe. This is a team that erased a 27 point lead from the Grizzlies. They have to be jumped on and held down in a pin with their arms behind their backs to emerge victorious.

Keys to the Superbowl
  1. Focus on limit of Eric Gordon, Baron Davis, and Chris Kaman obviously. But also Rasual Butler and Al Thornton can get hot. In their wins I see the same 6 players in double figures each game. With paltry contributions from other guys. Just gotta limit those guys.
  2. Build the lead each quarter. Don't play from behind!
  3. Play HADDADI. Unofficial Haddadi Night

  4. Attack the basket if the shot isn't falling. Our points total has declined in the last couple games. We are making it a contest each night out. Instead we want to leave the other team with no real options to win the game. We want to win by either making jumpshots, or overwhelming them in the paint and distancing ourselves at the free throw line.
  5. Get tall. If Conley is playing he has to play tall against BDIDDY. And OJ has to play tall against Eric Gordon. Marcus Williams and Tinsley should be able to match physically but keep banging.

That's all I got. Go Grizzlies!

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