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Jan 4, 2010

Another Conley hater?

Nate Robinson vetoes trade to Memphis

What the heck is Nate thinking?


J-Bo said...

I don't believe this trade was true. If it was, better for us that Nate didn't want to come.

Nate is not a very good perimeter defender, nor Conley, Tinsley and Mayo. The team will struggle with him on the defensive end, and Sam is making an oustanding job at the both sides of the floor.

Next draft the Grizz have 3 first round picks, this will be the better point to upgrade this team with some specialists...

Cross said...

I don´t like Nate...He's very selfish. Conley is a good point guard and Tinsley help him to progress.Moreover,I like Marcus Williams.
We need a Forward or a guard like...¿Von Wafer? ;)