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Dec 2, 2009

Way out West

Removing that deer in headlights look tonight at Target Center

Grizzlies tonight face another road team in Minnesota. Winless in their first 5 game western road trip, the Grizzlies already should have turned the corner on this one with wins in Portland and Los Angeles. However, they were turned back in the 4th quarter against a poor Clippers team. Now the Grizzlies can wrap this road trip up with a 2 for 5 tonight.

The Grizzlies have not really surprised anyone yet but have caught the attention of most teams. Only the most deep and elite teams can afford to take a night off against the Grizzlies now. Surprisingly we share a similar 0.333% win record as other early season playoff candidates Toronto, Washington, Charlotte and New Orleans. It's starting to be time where we compete nightly against strong teams like Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Miami, etc.

The Wolves should be an easy victim, but we must play a greater game than our last match that was won 90-80. In that game they played without their franchise big man, Al Jefferson. Tonight he is taking it upon himself to promise victory. Unless the Grizzlies rebound with great vigor after the brutalization in Utah, the evening negates all Grizzly hunting practices, with the form of the rabid wolf snarling above the rafters.

The Wolves have a taste for blood after a surprise win in Denver

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J-Bo said...

Go Grizz!! is a good team after all...