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Dec 3, 2009

Howlin' at the Moon

Grizzlies now are headed back the right direction after that win last night. It was not pretty but to beat a team that was riding high, at home, at the end of a road trip, is quite good.

And all eyes were on Rudy Gay and Mayo since Wolves rumored to be after one next summer and traded the other last summer. They want to see what might have been, especially with Kevin Love on the sidelines. Jury is still out on that one even though OJ Mayo is reigning ROY runner-up and stepping his way to being captain of the US Men's Olympic team for the future. Now don't the Wolves wish they picked Sam Young instead of Wayne Ellington or Ty Lawson? All those first point guards drafted by Minnesota and we got the better one at #36 in the draft!

  1. I just was reading this very interesting interview they got on 3SOB's with Heisley, good stuff: Chatting with the Big Cheese
  2. Prep time for Mavericks game: These videos this Mavs blogger does are totally sick

1 comment:

J-Bo said...

I liked both, Sam Young and Wayne Ellington... but I don't know what's happening with DeMarre...