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Dec 29, 2009

Grizzlies defy Wizardry in OT

Another NBA TV broadcasted home game from Beale street results in another overtime win.

Without Rudy Gay the Grizzlies stormed ahead of the Wizards in the second half. Somehow they allowed the Washington Bullets back in this one (as seen in several games this year unfortunately). But they got really mean, and clutch in the final seconds to send to overtime.

ZBO hits the final 2 free throws with 0.3s on the clock. HE IS THE MAN. He is an allstar so far this year, plain and simple.

What do you expect of this Memphis Grizzlies team? More winning. The teams are preparing for them and they still are handling business. They are challenging each time out. They have a starting 5 that ranks up with the best in the game. Statistically they are on par with the Boston Celtics as far as numbers of possessions and scoring. That's the best starting five of the decade, mind you. Very good company to be in right now. Although we don't have any Rasheed Wallace or Eddie House 3pt specialists on the bench, we are showing signs of life on that bench with the rookies stepping up and Jamaal Tinsley knocking down jumpshots, and dancing around defenders.

Don't forget that the Wizards were favorite picks by many to be a second tier playoff team in the east this year up with Orlando and Atlanta. They still have 3 star players on their lineup. They are incredibly dangerous and talented. I am actually quite upset how off the mark they have performed versus those preseason expectations. It's certainly disappointing not having Mike Miller to cheer on his return to Memphis.

Don't mess with me on Monday night!

Wizard chips gave the Grizzlies no room to work. But they worked it out somehow!

Apparently there was a lot of celebrating after the win:

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