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Dec 9, 2009

Cavs @ Grizzlies 12/08/09 – Post-Mortem

On the final possession in OT, Mike Conley went flying down the right lane to the bucket past a determined Shaq. He just got enough velocity to put the right-handed scoop shot in off the glass to give the Grizz the final lead.

A truly inspired team effort kept the Grizzlies within distance of the high octane Cavaliers. Even the unheralded rookie Hasheem Thabeet played his role in this win, making hustle plays and fighting for every possession.

The Grizzlies came out of their last road trip losing two tough ones in Utah and Phoenix. They also blew a game that any viewer would have written off as a twenty-point blowout until the final minute when the Clippers made an impossible come back on the home court.

After the Grizzlies returned from the win in Minnesota they have gone on to knock out two elite teams, which gives them their first 3 game win streak of the season. Believe it or not, they had several of these streaks last year in fact. The fact is that the team really is coming together.

O.J. Mayo is one season away from being a very special player. By the end of this season he could be there if he keeps up what he's done in the last few games. He has shot well over 50% from down town. He has scored close to 20 or more in 6 of last 8 games. They have started calling him the barometer in Memphis, but for now just call him Pimp Juice. He hit an absolutely amazing shot for the Grizzlies, from down late in overtime, to take the lead. Of course Lebron James responded again, with tying free throws.

What do I like most about the Grizzlies win against Cleveland? Despite the superhuman efforts by the Cavaliers, the Grizzlies kept fighting. I thought we were going to get down double digits and then maybe come back to flirt with tying the game in the second half. However, I had no expectation we'd actually come back and win - that was just unthinkable. But these Grizzlies are showing more life than a Memphis team has shown in a while. Lebron James is the best in basketball right now, period. He is amazing. But Memphis has its own amazing!

In sports you can eek by a few wins on off nights when teams don't take you seriously. But this is serious play in the last 2 games most especially. Teams are setting the pace for the season and the Grizzlies pace is at a high level.

When they were down the Grizzlies kept fighting and it showed on all the players' faces. They played through major adversity and with Marc Gasol in foul trouble a lot of the night. And they came back, and won!!!!

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