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Nov 9, 2009

Grizzed by AI

In what could be Iverson's final game in the NBA,, Kobe Bryant scored over 40 points in a dismantling win at home over the Grizzlies. AI finished with less than 10 points in 21 minutes off the bench.

Grizzlies returned to the same arena 24 hours later to get another beating by the reigning last place team from the previous season that is playing without its number one lottery draft pick. In the final moments the Grizzlies continued to foul the Clippers on every possession, and could not get any answers on offense. Because of poor free throw shooting by the Clippers, the Grizzlies still had a chance for a last second prayer three to tie the game, but it just barely missed.

The team will try to turn the page without Iverson as they return home to Memphis for some home games finally after a winless road trip out west. For theirs is the last place in the Western Conference, but luckily a better record than the winless New Jersey Nets who play with only one starting player on the roster currently, due to injury and sickness.

Some questions remain for the Grizzlies having waived both Mike Taylor and Trey Glider. Now also without AI on the impotent bench, there is the unknown concept of three point shooting, defense, and depth at the power forward position – being vacated by Hakim Warrick. It is not probable these positions will be filled with talents greater than unemployed summer league leftovers however, as indicated already in comments made by the management when announcing the relinquishment of Trey Glider's $25,000 salary from the books. Returning to the three year plan, as it began with the ejaculation of Pau Gasol, one has to wonder if another three year plan is to be set in motion as no noticeable improvement has been made since the Spaniard parted ways with his Grizzlies franchise.

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