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Nov 4, 2009

Ghost State Walruses

Hold on Grizz fans, the season is about to go into overdrive.
Iverson is back.
Furthermore, he wants to play start, right out of the gate.

The national media is having a field day with it. Just when the Grizzlies were looking strong against both good and bad teams, The Answer rings down upon the locker room.

strange rock n rollers
I will show you how to win, by winning.

It's as selfish as it gets. "My butt is sore from being on the bench". Of course that is true, you been injured. We are losing most of our games. But is it panic button time? For AI it has been panic button time for too long now.

Michael Jordan came back to play for the fictitious basketball team, the Washington Wizards, from 2001 until 2003. He started 120 out of 142 games in which he played in those 2 seasons, and averaged close to 35 minutes a game throughout the duration. Iverson expects the same spotlight I think.

Is there Grizzlies after 30?

So how did we get here? AI came in to play the vet role, off the bench. Right? He said he had a new coach and wanted to come and do what he wants for us to be successful. So how is he already questioning the strategy? He is 34 years old. Michael Jordan was 37 when he came back for the Wizards and started the large majority of the games. But Jordan probably didn't sit out all summer waiting for a deal at the last minute and get injured just before preseason. Iverson has to give his team time and maybe he will get those 35 minutes a game.

But this is the Grizzlies. And we're losing. We're 0.250% win percentage already. Right on track to finish in the 20-26 wins again. But what if we improve? What if the chemistry happens? If you are Iverson you aren't just interested in the Grizzlies winning. He wants to be the chemistry. He wants to be the guy that single-handedly came in and saved this franchise. He isn't going to get there with 11 minutes a night.

Iverson is not going to wait for weeks to go by and to fit in to the rotation slowly as the losses pile up. He is going to directly assert himself because that's what superstars do. However, he did not read my laws of robotics blog post from last month. By doing this bad press on the Grizzlies he is hurting the team. He certainly is reaching out to OJ Mayo and Mike Conley Jr, to offer them assistance. He's saying bench one or both of them and let me control this team from the outset. Mike Conley Jr. is maybe one inch taller than AI, but he has 25 pounds more of muscle. OJ Mayo is several inches taller and much bigger. How is AI going to improve our most glaring weakness on defense? By scoring more? We have obviously scored plenty with ZBO chipping in a career high chunk each night so far.

Iverson's outburst is obviously illogical and unprofessional…
Grizzlies handling of this roster is obviously illogical and insulting to the existing players and fans (Thabeet draft pick specifically)…

No balance can even these chaotic elements out in a win or loss of Grizzlies tonight.

The Ghost State Walrus will have to confront the Grizzlies, and I definitely feel pity for them. The Grizzlies are playing on edges of sanity that I doubt any other team has to play for this season. With all of these angry bears on the team competing for their role in the return to respectability, someone is going to get caught taking the brunt of our wrath. Tonight could easily be that night. I look for explosive performances from a number of players as they try to work out the issues on the court, because it ain't going to be settled off the court.

Let's hope for the best for AI and Grizz.


J-Bo said...

Hey Van, 18 minutes, 11 points... that wasn't so badly...

Conley-AI-Mayo are interchangeable at the point guard and shooting guard position... damn... that's amazing...

Viva los underdogs! xD

vanjulio said...

don't get me wrong - Iverson should be allowed to play his ass off tonight and every night.

issue is that Conley is by far the least impact player of that 3 guard rotation yet he is the only one truly capable of playing point guard.

if we lose though - throw the book out of the window and let either OJ or AI run the point for some time.