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Nov 24, 2009

Eighty Percent

Rudy is happy and winning

Grizz are now 80% on last 5 games. Four out of five son. They could have probably beaten the Bucks as well but they are playing super smart, inspired ball. That would have made this a five game win streak but you can still handle this after a terrible start out west earlier this month:

Minny: 97-87 W
LAC: 106-91 W
Philly: 102-97 W
Buck: 98-103 L
SAC: 116-105 W

The next two games this week might be awfully more tough games. They go to Phoenix and then to Portland. These are both great playoff teams and one has already destroyed us on our home court this month (Blazers).

You gotta love seeing the Grizzlies coming together now though. The rookies look more confident and capable. Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol, and ZBO are all playing at elite levels as high as they have been on their careers. You can't ask for more from them. It looks like Jamaal Tinsley can actually be a good backup to Conley. Although he has not done the defense, he knows how to run the offense.

Teams might actually not look past the Grizzlies later this season as we start gaining momentum and terrorizing the better teams. Look out if we can steal a win later this week out west.


J-Bo said...

pretty good team right now...

K_Yew said...

Nothing on Haddadi and the Clippers?

What do you think about the situation?

vanjulio said...

I wrote a lot of thoughts on the topic on the message boards and decided to leave the controversy off of here. I found no one else that shared my opinion that the announcers were xenophobic and totally insensitive on the commentary. If it was really just a joke then they are the worst comedians I've heard in a long time. I thought perhaps they were on drugs at the time because they sounded kind of strung out like old 1980s radio disc jockies. But I guess majority of fans like those announcers a lot.