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Nov 19, 2009

11/18/09 Clippers win post-mortem


keys to the super bowl
  • MARC GASOL. ¿¿¿Tienes Fuego???

  • Rudy, OJ, ZBO all played like they were on the same page. Efficiency was high and there seemed to be less deer in headlights. The extra pass was there. The guy running in transition was fed. The open man actually knocked down the shot. Probably some of the best team ball of the season. But the opponent certainly helped them out. Regardless it was satisfying to finally see them playing as a team rather than individuals.
  • Clippers are pretty awful. Really. I think the empty FedexForum lulled them out of the gates. They never knew what hit them. When Mardy Collins gets his first bucket of the season and Steve Novak is coming in at center, you know Dunleavy has lost all hope in his starters at this point.
  • Bench output. Finally got some OOMPH. The rookies look good, and, it kill me to say this, so did Marcus Williams! Haters face turning to a frown.

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J-Bo said...

Marc On Fire... lmao