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Oct 28, 2009

Return of the Infamous

The opening night BLUE OUT is here today.

For a superior preview, pop open this link, 3SOB preview.

Tonight's starting lineup of the Grizz is probably what most Grizz fans expected even with a healthy Iverson. He was billed as the vet coming off the bench, even though some of his comments to the media in August and September indicated otherwise.

Yet here we go without two guys that started for their teams last year, Darrell Arthur and Allen Iverson. Nevertheless, in preseason our rookies and min contract additions carried most of the weight, so they should be ready to hold down the bench tonight, and into the early stages of the season.

Last night was an excellent opening for the league itself. Boston set the tone for the season by ruining Shaq's coming out party in Cleveland. Instead it was Sheed looking perfect, and Big Z looking far past his prime. LeBrandon James looked great though so the Cavs will be a tough one.

Dallas and Washington had a great match that leaves plenty of good things to build on for each team. As for the late games, well the box scores look interesting. I guess this happens every year but you could build a nice team with the guys that were missing already from the first 4 games last night:

We can't be too upset on missing just 2 nice bench players when all those stars are missing:

Other no-shows: Nicolus Batum, Glen Davis, Blake Griffin, Juwan Howard, Joey Dorsey (hah).

Grizzlies will have their ups and downs, obviously like every team. Even on opening night it can be a low. But for the Grizzlies, tonight should be a big win and real jump start to the season. After watching the big games last night, and comparing it to the preseason games of Memphis Grizzlies, I'd say we are going to be far away from a playoff team. Those teams are operating at a much higher level of basketball that I just can't see our team morphing into this season. But we will have some excitement and we should surprise some people and get them to reconsider all the negative press on the Grizz this year.


J-Bo said...

Opening night... mmm Grizz gonna get it right this time...

vanjulio said...

wrong.... oops. well maybe they can save face this friday and compete with the Raptors