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Oct 30, 2009

Halloween NBA schedule

Games to watch:

  1. Friday: Memphis (0-1) vs. Toronto (1-0)

    Grizzlies hope to bounce back from a dismal opening night performance. Raptors are riding a wave as they upset one of the unanimous pre-season favorite title contenders. Are the Raptors that great up front or is Shaq that bad? Are the Grizzlies going to be able to establish an inside-outside game against a theoretically weaker backcourt?

  2. Friday: Milwaukee (0-0) vs. Philly (0-1)

    Another disappointing opening night for a team that wants to be in playoff talks, but likely won't. Philadelphia was playing garbage time midway through the game against Orlando and padding their stats along with the Orlando bench on opening night. Milwaukee features the prototypical big-mouth, self-interested, immature rookie point guard in the starting role along with a bunch of underrated talent. If this team gels I think they could be dangerous, especially if Hakim Warrick is healthy and gets his opportunity alongside healthy Bogut. They have all the pieces, but they're very raw and inexperienced.

  3. Friday: Washington (1-0) vs. Atlanta (1-0)

    After beating Dallas without their Olympic champion, NBA All-star, Antawn Jamison, the Wizards look to be a legit threat in the East. The surprising domination by Blatche and Haywood against the aging Dallas front line could not be overcome. And Agent Hibachi looked to be back to his old self, indeed. Can they keep it up against Atlanta, another mid-tier Eastern force tonight? Atlanta has slowly recreated their franchise behind Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. Johnson and floor general, Bibby are entering the downward slope of their careers. So there is some urgency for that team to be great, now. A win at home against these Wizards would place them among early season elite in my opinion.

  4. Friday: Detroit (1-0) vs. OKC (1-0)
    This is one to watch. It has potential to be a great game. If not, then it is interesting to see which team is for real. Neither has really high expectations but they both completely dominated their rather inept opponents on opening night.
  5. Saturday: Portland (1-1) vs. Zombieland/Houston (1-1)

    Anything could happen in Zombieland I guess. And who doesn't love a playoff rematch? This could be a statement game for Greg Oden.

  6. Sunday: Chicago (1-0) vs. Miami (1-0)
    Another fine East Conference match up.

1 comment:

J-Bo said...

Man... I love Young Back (Jennings) and The Cream (Warrick)...

Grizz gonna win this time... if not... next in Sacto...