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Oct 20, 2009

Grizzlies Preseason Reviews

This Grizz fan has been away for too long, and I have plenty to make up for.

I spent the last 2 weeks in Memphis with my new wife. We were married October 11, 2009 at Lichterman Nature Center! Part of the wedding planning and wedding relaxation included 2 preseason games at the forum against the OKC Thunder and the Orlando Magic.

Another special treat was running into Zach Randolph outside our "honeymoon" hotel, the Madison. I guess he was staying there too. Despite the atrocious loss the night before, at the hands of the Eastern Conference Champs, I was delighted to shake ZBO's hand in person and tell him I was "a huge fan and very excited for this season". It's amazing how your perception gets influenced by meeting the players in person. He was obviously busy but took the few seconds to hear me out – so I have a good feeling about Zach in Memphis now for sure. And I imagine he doesn't get noticed all that much in street clothes around town, so it's probably good to have some fan recognition - I hope he knows people are rooting for him even when things are looking down against the giants like the Magic.

The Thunder game was pretty good because we won and Sam Young went bat shit in the 4th quarter for 15 points. Sam Young also had more highlight dunks and big time plays against the Magic, but we lost that one by a large margin. Gortat and Reddick were killing us. Barnes and Pietrus looked better than any of our starting 5. It was mightily disappointing since it would likely be my last game to see in the Forum in 2009. But I did like seeing the continued hustle of the all new Grizzlies, especially Sam Young.

In fact we got a new cat when we got home last week, and I named it "Sam" in honor of both Grizzlies' Sam Young and the Patriots' Sammy Morris. Of course, Sammy Morris proceeded to get injured on the first play of the game against the Titans massacre this past Sunday…

But back to basketball — the Grizzlies look like they have some players but have a very long way to go before being considered a great team again. I hope some of this was due to Mike Conley being absent from both games we attended. I also hope Allen Iverson provides some kind of cohesion when he returns – but we know well what the media thinks about that - that he would be more of a dividing force rather than a unifying force. My expectations were extremely low going into last season, but this season I have really become starstruck with the promise of 50 or so double doubles from Zach and at least 17 points a night added to the mix by a future hall of famer. I like to think our assists will come. I also like to think the rookies will come in and provide a huge lift when they are called upon. Thabeet looked pretty good against Nenad Krstic and BJ Mullens at least.

Go Grizzlies!

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J-Bo said...

Z-Bo is an idol to me... AI too... Beale Street Blue is gonna be great to watch!!