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Sep 4, 2009

Grizzlies Secret Midnight Workout

Non-news Grizzlies workout Guards WMC-TV5

But I heard it was a secret workout with visitations of select player agents' audition for a 2010 summer of insanity. Some familiar faces, only cloaked in secrecy. They don't want to rouse the suspicion of their barnyard fans. The contemporaneous duels held on the Grizz court might foster new champions. That's the word on the street. And we should now unfold their glory before the eyes.

Included among the 4-guards on hand were Combo Juan Dixon, formerly of the Toronto Raptors, who was the MVP of the 2002 NCAA Tournament with National Champion Maryland.
And Mike Taylor, a quick point guard who played with the Clippers last season.

Suspect Uno

Horace Cloverdale

Going up against Mike Taylor

Ed Monix

Rico Maierhofer

Apparently he's real good at dribbling in the backcourt and preparing for free throws. He also gives great high-fives. Sign him!

Demeko Dabivicious

They let him workout in the skates. True

Cat Sanderlin

Has to work on her cross-over, and plays lazy defense. But can get to the cup whenever she wills it

With so many big basketball egos in the room it was hard to get a clear view of who will make the cut for this year. Most of these high dollar names will probably wait for their contract on their respective team to free up for a busy 2010. I'm glad we got this sneak preview though.