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Jul 2, 2009

Zach Randolph

Darko for Randolph is something I wanted last year and I'm glad it finally got done. New York got what they wanted, LA got what they wanted, and we got something interesting to work with.

As much as I want to celebrate and bark and growl intimidatingly… the rational side kicks in. We got rid of Pau Gasol for nothing and replaced him with a player with similar contract, but not the skills, and far worse track record.

This may have been the official passing of the torch by the Clippers to Memphis for "Worst Franchise In The NBA."

And David Lee is still homeless. What up wit dat? Grizzlies seem to just be a dumping ground for other teams. How many bad players did we take last year that never played a game for us? We helped out Miami, Orlando, Houston, Lakers (again), Sixers, and who else? Though we did punish Portland by signing Darius Miles. That was using your sack, Grizz! By taking these bad contracts though we're just not helping ourselves. Buying out all those guys for Zach? Antoine Walker, Aaron McKie, Steve Francis, Shaun Livingston, Chris Mihm, Adonal Foyle, man, I could go on all day.

much more to come! ^_^

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