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Jun 1, 2009

Who does Number Two work for?!

Check out this info:

The #2 Pick Is In Play:

League sources contend that Memphis' #2 overall selection is in play. The Grizzlies have been considering a number of options and it seems that dealing the pick for a lower first rounder and a veteran asset seem to be the option they are leaning towards. Grizzlies' sources said they club is planning for both contingents, saying they have a short list for players at #2, but that they have expanded their research to include players ranked far lower than number 2 and met with several of them at the NBA Pre-Draft Camp in Chicago. The Grizzlies are more likely to move the pick to a team enamored with Spanish sensation Ricky Rubio, and after teams meet with him at the RBK Eurocamp next week in Italy, his value is expected to shoot up and the bidding for the #2 pick will begin. Should the Grizzlies' strike out on a deal the belief is the Grizzlies will draft UCONN's Hasheem Thabeet. In talking to Grizzlies' sources the belief is that Thabeet will not be a starter in Year One, and that coming off the bench to spell Marc Gasol and provide defense and rebounding would be his primary role with the ultimate plan being able to go big against the likes of the Lakers and Houston. The Grizzlies were dead last in rebounding last season – ranking 24th in offensive rebounding and 28th in defensive rebounding. Thabeet's size and defense, and the fact he would not have to start right away makes him more attractive if the Grizzlies have to use the pick
HoopsWorld website

That's right buddy, you show that turd who's boss!

Rubio no quick fix
A prospect like Rubio is a special test case in patience. His extraordinary youth, supreme gifts, demonstrable professionalism and potential to be a game-changer come with a grab bag of identifiable shortcomings at the position with the most demanding responsibilities.

What he will be this year might not justify the hype and his high draft position. What he might be in a few years could make him look like a steal.

Rubio might be worth more as a trade bait than anything to Grizz. I thought about Mike Conley and decided he is a keeper. As much as anyone, I've been in love with the Rubio's youtube remixes as well as enjoyed viewing his live performances in Beijing last year. But Conley is a real PG and we have brought him up out of the ashes of Damon Stoudamire's reign and the battle with Kyle Lowry and company. I'm starting to lean towards picking Rubio and trading him, depending on who wants him enough to trade us.

The fact is that drafting Thabeet at #2 is foolish. If we can swing a big time PF our way with the 2 and get some future growth in the mix of a trade, I think I'd do that now. If there's no trades on the table at draft day then CW has his hands full. But I'd still pull the trigger on Rubio. We don't need FOUR foreign seven footers. Adonal Foyle was chased away, surely by Darko and Haddadi dressed in a 2 person horse costume, just days after coming to Memphis.

  • I'd hate to see what they'd do to a taller rookie like Thabeet.

Today's message: Draft + Trade Rubio!

Hell, the Thunder might do the same thing.

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