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Jun 25, 2009

Draught Day

Probably this is the most thrilling day of the year for Grizzlies fans. Each year it gets better. Four years ago we had no picks! Now we got three baby! Long life ahead!

Looking back a couple years, we had the excellent Greg Oden / Kevin Durant draft with the back-to-back Champion Florida Gators all coming out at once. That landed us Mike Conley, Jr., the highest PG prospect since Deron Williams. He had a very solid second year after another Grizz coaching change. Best of all, he seemed to bring some order to our otherwise totally inexperienced and confusing mishmash of dysfunctional chemistry.

Everyone was impressed with Grizzlies progress last year

Last year featured the greatest Memphis State player ever, who took us all the way to the finals, as well as an assortment of championship Kansas jocks. All the buzz culminated in our acquisition of West Virginia's OJ Mayo, the guy we blew up our entire team for last year. Randy Moss is also from West Virginia so it's for real over there. And we found that Sideshow Bob not only has a twin brother, but that there are triplets!

Now, this year is going to be one for the ages. Experts are calling it the deepest point guard draft in years. Teams have been assaulting the Grizzlies in hopes to trade up for our pick. OKC management has had to gone into hiding in some remote location in the middle of nowhere - some place called Oklahoma where all the tractor trailers' license plates are manufactured apparently. It's been one of those drafts! Rumor is that the Grizzlies had to pass on Shaq because there's so much activity they're waiting for the highest bid to settle. So Suns had to act desperate and throw him to the Cavs for garbage. The Timberwolves got so excited they traded for picks 5 and 6. And you know when Minnesota makes that kind of move there must be something very special in this draft! They are an organization that never falters.

Which 2009 draft choice will help lead Memphis back to respectability?

some of the greatest basketball minds have a hard time admitting their infatuation with the thin framed lad from EspaƱa

party time in giant land

Memphis on the move

Who knows what clowns will land on Beale Street this summer?

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