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May 13, 2009

Great players have the ability to forget

The Celtics did just that. Trailing the Magic since they were up 8-4 in the opening minutes, the Celtics never threw it in, even being down 9 points in the 4th. Doc Rivers quote is about Ray Allen clutch shooting at end of game even after missing constantly up to that point. It also speaks about Stephon Marbury's whole existence on the team. He should be out of the game. He should be the ire of all his fans. But he's still doing it. The Celtics should be losing big time in this series. But they are still the Champs. Game 4 was no luck move. And Game 5 wasn't a stolen game. It was a win. A simple win to a team that lost the mental edge down the stretch. They bested a team that could not buy a bucket in the last 13% of the game. Nothing. Grant Hill said it in preseason, "it's not how you start it's how you finish".

Speaking of forgetting. Magic will have to do a lot of it to get up for their final home game of this series on Thursday. They will have to win emphatically to even stand a chance back in Boston for Game 7. let's hope it does not come to that, but it almost wouldn't seem right to close a series out on the road for this Boston team. I also finally realized this series has two old franchise players reunited against each other.

I knew that looked familiar!

This is amazing alright!

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