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May 2, 2009

bulls celtics game 7

Ok I admit. I was wrong about the Blazers winning round 1. But after Houston won like 30 games in a row last season and then folded in playoffs (with McGrady) I had no faith they would put the hammer down like they did this year against Portland. I guess it goes to show how much different playoff NBA is compared to regular season. It's quite another sport entirely.

And I was a little out of line on Brad Miller. He only sucks 90% of the time.

Celtics probably will win by double digits tonight, but I will be happy with a close game just so that the TV audiences will be placated and so that this will go down as the best series that didn't matter. (Cleveland will likely sweep either team in 4 games).

Without further ado, I just got this from Ball Don't Lie Blog:

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