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May 20, 2009

Grizzlies 2.0

Grizzlies win draft lottery 2nd pick! Do the happy African chair dance!


Look now at the aspiring second generation of the playoff contending Grizzlies.

Two coaches reäcquainted for their second run with the Grizz:

Lionel Hollins 2.0

Number 20 with the feed,

Damon Stoudamire 2.0


Second Pick history

Vancouver picked Steve Francis and Mike Bibby at the 2 spot before. Our last second pick was the Stro-show. Now we get a second chance here in Memphis with second pick:

May 13, 2009

Great players have the ability to forget

The Celtics did just that. Trailing the Magic since they were up 8-4 in the opening minutes, the Celtics never threw it in, even being down 9 points in the 4th. Doc Rivers quote is about Ray Allen clutch shooting at end of game even after missing constantly up to that point. It also speaks about Stephon Marbury's whole existence on the team. He should be out of the game. He should be the ire of all his fans. But he's still doing it. The Celtics should be losing big time in this series. But they are still the Champs. Game 4 was no luck move. And Game 5 wasn't a stolen game. It was a win. A simple win to a team that lost the mental edge down the stretch. They bested a team that could not buy a bucket in the last 13% of the game. Nothing. Grant Hill said it in preseason, "it's not how you start it's how you finish".

Speaking of forgetting. Magic will have to do a lot of it to get up for their final home game of this series on Thursday. They will have to win emphatically to even stand a chance back in Boston for Game 7. let's hope it does not come to that, but it almost wouldn't seem right to close a series out on the road for this Boston team. I also finally realized this series has two old franchise players reunited against each other.

I knew that looked familiar!

This is amazing alright!

May 12, 2009

Top of the Rockies

In pittance for all this negative energy swirling around the post-season blogospheres, I promise to make a "positive", feel-good post next… only if the Celtics win tonight.

May 7, 2009

learn to take your beating

New Orleans and Dallas are wondering how this guy has been eating their lunch.

NBA playoffs is very exciting. The intensity is something Hollywood cannot reproduce. Most of the top teams are really just coasting through the regular season. For them this is the first time they actually discover the limits of their abilities as a team. This can be a frustrating situation. Imagine winning the majority of your games, and always thinking "well if it really mattered we could have won that game we lost to Charlotte on the road last week."

Then finally you make the playoffs and you have Glen Big Baby Davis and Brian Scalabrine humiliating you. You got a guy nobody thought could measure up to his teammates in Rajon Rondo going for another triple double (practically in the first half alone), and then a journeyman, formerly coached by Van Gund himself, Eddie House going off for a career high tally.

I can certainly understand how that would get under your skin.

This explains how in almost every playoff game in the second round, grown men just refusing to take their medicine. Deal with it! Lakers, Mavs, Magic, Cavs. They have to just be professional and take their beatings when they come. Boston has learned that long ago. It doesn't bother them. What does KG do when someone does a bitch move to him? HE PUNISHES THEM ON THE SCOREBOARD. AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN.

Of course with that said, I think if a player assaults someone where it is not part of the game. The punch, elbow, high kick, hockey stick to the neck from behind, etc. that has nothing to do with a play - should elicit criminal charges brought against them. But that's just me. I've never been there myself in real competitive action like this. It could save some issues you see at college games though where people are killed over sports altercations. That is really stupid!!!

Learn to take your beating, and we can all get along!

May 3, 2009

2009 NBA Playoffs - Round 2

I follow the mantra of "that which does not kill me, makes me stronger." This has been a great opening round but Utah was a bit of a let-down. Lakers and Cavs remain heavy favorites as a result. Round One I missed the Houston series only. 7 for 8.

Second Round



High up on a mountain, fly, like an eagle.



Pau owns Yao.



It won't be easy. But it's the TRUTH.



Are you ready for this?

May 2, 2009

bulls celtics game 7

Ok I admit. I was wrong about the Blazers winning round 1. But after Houston won like 30 games in a row last season and then folded in playoffs (with McGrady) I had no faith they would put the hammer down like they did this year against Portland. I guess it goes to show how much different playoff NBA is compared to regular season. It's quite another sport entirely.

And I was a little out of line on Brad Miller. He only sucks 90% of the time.

Celtics probably will win by double digits tonight, but I will be happy with a close game just so that the TV audiences will be placated and so that this will go down as the best series that didn't matter. (Cleveland will likely sweep either team in 4 games).

Without further ado, I just got this from Ball Don't Lie Blog: