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Apr 1, 2009

Won't be eating at Cal's Steakhouse ever again

Calipari takes job at Kentucky

WOW. At first I thought it was good for him. It's obviously devastating to Memphis though. Kentucky is a basketball nation that's fallen on very hard times. They used to dominate. Not even Nolan Richardson's Hogs were better in their prime. Or were they? Probably not. Some of the best players went through there:

But of course the legacy lives on strong in some:

Kentucky though is as far off the radar as you can get. Coach Cal, if you thought Memphis was backwards, buckle your seat belt dude. I have lived in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. I've traveled to all the southern states of course, but most recently I've been to Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and, of course, Kentucky.

Kentucky is the most backwards state I've spent time in. I know there are probably worse places in the Midwest (Iowa?). But compared to the rest of the south, Kentucky is the furthest location, culturally away from modern civilization.

We went on a camping trip that originated from the Louisville airport last year. We spent 2 nights in Mammoth Cave National Park, and two nights at Land Between the Lakes (Land Between the Snakes as we call it now). Don't get me wrong - the country is beautiful there. But all the usual conveniences of modern life are 50 years behind in that state. We would drive for HOURS to reach a gas station or a restaurant in Western Kentucky. I didn't think it was possible in this day and age.

The people there are some of the most undiversified and unsophisticated I've ever encountered. I actually witnessed a man driving his horse and buggy to the gas station! Not only that, this scene was THIRTY MINUTES outside of Louisville. You could not even get a beer with dinner on Sunday at a restaurant. However, once we left Louisville we did not see a "wet" (non-dry) county until we crossed over into Tennessee again at the end of the trip. So it did not matter what day of the week it was anyway.

Why do I belabor these points? Because I am an angry Memphis fan. You did a great thing for Memphis. But downgrading to that state school, in the worst state of the Confederacy, is shameful! Ok. Maybe not. But it's certainly agitating to the Memphian.


Disclaimer: I have not spent any time in South Carolina. It looks like NASCAR country though so I am afraid to go there… it could very well be worse.

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