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Apr 2, 2009

Wizards at Grizzlies 04/01/09 post-mortem

Not an April Fool's Day Joke: Grizz reach 20th win with 2 more weeks of basketball to play. Google CADIE, unfortunately, was an April Fool's Joke. I was hoping CADIE could write these blog posts for me.

keys to the super bowl
  • I loved watching THE CORE hold their ground as the Wizards superstars did everything possible to come back. The game was up for grabs in the final minutes. Neither team was perfect, but we came out on top so it's a celebration in Memphis.
  • Here is a lesson to Rudy and OJ. Don't ball hog in the final possessions. It may work .216% of the time (that's about our winning percentage overall this season in fact), however you can do much better when your point guard spreads the floor. I know I am not the only person that saw this. Rudy Gay dribbles into a double team and gets boxed into the corner as the shot clock expires: Turnover. OJ Mayo takes the point and dribbles around, trying to work off a high screen, but failing, gets smothered by double team as well and again the shot clock expires: Turnover. Way to breath life back to the other team guys!
  • On the next possession the ball was in Mike Conley Jr.'s hands. He gets isolation with JCritt out on the wing, pump fakes, and then launches his shot into Critt in midair for the charity stripe gimme buckets. I don't have to tell you the lesson learned, do I? But I'm not a true expert. OJ and Rudy each had fantastic games up to that point, and perhaps that is why Conley had the opening and then Mayo and Gay were stifled — only because of their previous success at "good" ball hogging (the "best" all do it these days).
  • QRoss does play some nice defense.
  • Marc Dos Punto Cero Gasol has a new nickname from me: El Gran Tiburon. That's what he does out there each night. He looks like a smooth finesse guy out there, but he has the arsenal to hurt you the moment you cross him.

    Here he is in action:

Grizzlies for the win!

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