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Apr 23, 2009

Note to Playoff Grizzlies 2.0

The time will hopefully come when our rebuilt core will reach the playoffs again in 2010, 2011, and/or 2012. Here are some things to note from this year's opening first 2 home court matches of round one:

  • Hit them in the mouth early: Chicago, Philly, Houston, and Dallas. Nothing says showtime like beating the favorite at their home opener.
  • Just because you are young, talented, and possess the highest potential future All-star talent, does not mean you will instantly be rewarded in the playoffs. Portland, Orlando, and New Orleans will tell you that.
  • And just because you are super talented doesn't mean the vet playoff teams will not crush you. New Orleans reminds me of the 2003-2004 Grizzlies, who got whipped by the San Antonio Spurs in round one. We did not get close to beating them until returning to our home court, where we still found a way to lose each game in the series sweep.

    Game 1 April 17 Memphis Grizzlies 74 San Antonio Spurs 98
    Game 2 April 19 Memphis Grizzlies 70 San Antonio Spurs 87
    Game 3 April 22 San Antonio Spurs 95 Memphis Grizzlies 93
    Game 4 April 25 San Antonio Spurs 110 Memphis Grizzlies 97

    They slaughtered us at home by margins of 24 and 17. The 2 point loss in game 3 was too devastating to overcome, and game 4 was a sad joke. I expect New Orleans to come back strong in Game 3 but don't be surprised if Denver toughs it out down there in The Hive.
  • You've got to have a superstar to be successful in the playoffs in every major sport except baseball. Certainly you have to get a great team around him and the chemistry must be strong between everybody to even reach a winning a record in the regular season. But we are hoping Rudy Gay or O.J. Mayo steps up as an "elite" player in the league.

The goal is not to be this year's Detroit Pistons/Bobcats/Nets (whoever was lucky enough with that pathetic East 8th seed). That's a failure obviously. Detroit knows their season was botched. The goal I hear Coach Hollins saying is to build on this success to create a team that can compete for the championship.

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