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Apr 8, 2009

Grizzlies and Blazers 04/07/09 post-mortem

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- With the first three words in his postgame news conference, Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan perfectly summed up his team's dramatic victory Tuesday night.

"We got lucky," he said.

—The Oregonian®

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Rudy Fernandez, Outlaw, Oden, Sergio bench totally outscored/outclassed our very short bench tonight. They scored 41 to our 21
  • We really are nothing without both Gasol and Milicic. So why did Haddadi not play the second half?
  • Brandon Roy showed us what an Allstar does. He attacks and attacks and attacks and he scores every time.
  • I don't think we ran out of gas and collapsed like a dead dog as we did in about 75% of our previous losses this season. This was a playoff team that got together at halftime and said "are we men or are we mice?" And they fought back. They said, "We beat these fools before. They're not the same team, but we are!"
  • Coach Hollins has really done a great job with getting us a chance. It was the worst thing in the world to watch us playing strong for 2 or 3 quarters then fading. While I hate seeing guys like Miles and Haddadi not play, I know it must be part of his master plan.
  • Warrick got blocked big time by Oden. Then he responds with a very strong layup with hard contact from Oden but no foul on the next possession. That's just determination.
  • Not a whole lot of success against their zone defense, especially once Gasol went out.
  • Foul trouble. It worked in our favor early but then bit us back in the end.

Despite the loss, this was an awesome game for the Grizzlies. Mayo, Conely, Gasol, and Gay all looked TOO GOOD for the Blazers most of the way. Those 4 players were better than anyone on the other team except Brandon Roy. Roy probably ranks #1 but no one else comes close after that. We perhaps have a great future.

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