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Apr 24, 2009

Celtics come to play in CHI town

Brad Miller == DONE. Old folks home. Glue Factory. Take your pick. Aaron Gray should start Game 4, seriously. I don't think he'll get blocked consecutively by flat-footed Mikki Moore at least.

  • Pierce begins 5/5 FGs. After watching tape of the first 2 games, he knew the veteran's steps he could take to break through the Bull shit.
  • Salmons not 100% to say the least. I have trouble recognizing him out there.
  • Ray Allen is out of his head. He's playing beyond his years and logical abilities.
  • Noah is also out of his head, but in a negative way.
  • Scalabrine in uniform and getting points during garbage time late in the game. Rocking the white head band for us white guys! Meanwhile KG appeared in funeral clothes to his adopted city of Chicago.

    And I mean business, bitches

  • Stephon Marbury first off of the bench

  • Perkins, Baby would have played all 48 minutes if this was close? No Mikki Moore got a little bit of time in the 1st half. But I was surprised to see Marbury first off bench instead of Moore.
  • Rondo averaging a triple double. Rondo has no answer. And more to come…
  • 48-34, C's. But mentally miles ahead of the Bulls. Baby looked great. Tyrus Thomas cannot hang with this. Master: Glenn Davis Apprentice: Tyrus Thomas. President and CEO: Rajon Rondo. Halftime it's 59-37.
  • Ray Ray killing it. Starbury knocking down shots at will.
  • Bulls are nowhere near competition tonight. Pierce is 7/9 FG at half.
  • Bulls, 14 turnovers. C's have 12 steals to Chi's 0 steals. Thieves are among us. Marbury has 7 points on 60% shooting. Signs of the apocalypse.

  • Tyrus Thomas eventually loses his mind with Noah in this game.
  • Slap his ass; he sucks.
  • Bulls → no DEF. Big Baby AND1, 83-56. This concludes our broadcast? No, not yet.
  • Marbury is still throwing down with the Perk and roll.
  • Scal got high with the white head band but Stephon is going to hit a bitch. He's lucky he doesn't have Starbury brand Dwade-Aids.
  • Aaron Gray, Linsey Hunter, and Lyndon Johnson (WTF?) are playing for Chicago.

It's Man Time!

Rose is a beast. Inhuman. He takes a hard bump from Pierce on a drive to the hoop and nails a glance layup off the glass as his body is redirected out of bounds from the collision. The strength and coordination is uncanny.

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